Halifax Air Quality Issues and Air Purifier Recommendations

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Why You Need an Air Purifier in Halifax

Halifax’s air quality is influenced by many factors, but chief among these is the inflow of harmful fine particulates from Central Canada and the northeastern US. In fact, over 50% of the air pollutants found in the Halifax area originate in the US, primarily from the numerous coal-fired plants in the northeastern states. Halifax also has vastly higher concentrations of sulphur dioxide than other Canadian cities, a pollutant that can worsen respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and increase susceptibility to respiratory infections with long-term exposure.

Other factors contributing to Halifax’ poor air quality include fine particulate matter from residential wood burning and wildfires in the surrounding region, vehicle exhaust, and emissions from marine vessels in the harbour. All of these sources combined result in Halifax having PM2.5 levels that are far higher than the national standard.

FACT: The Cancer Research Society is currently conducting a study to see if the higher than average incidence rates of cancer among Halifax residents are linked to the city’s high levels of outdoor air pollution.

Although picturesque coastal cities like Halifax enjoy their proximity to the ocean and warm summer breezes, the fact is that dust mites also thrive on the warm and humid air. In addition, the high humidity in the city encourages the growth of mold and mildew. Coupled with seasonal pollen and high PM2.5 counts, it’s no wonder that a higher than average percentage of Halifax residents experience mild to serious respiratory issues.

Over the last decade, we have also noticed an unusually high number of customers in Halifax with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) relative to the rest of the country. It’s probably no coincidence that Canada’s premier MCS clinic, the Integrated Chronic Care Service (formally the Nova Scotia Environmental Clinic), is located in nearby Fall River. With diagnosed MCS cases increasing at an alarming rate each year, we anticipate that the demand for clean air, both indoors and out, will also increase dramatically.

The good news is that high-quality air purifiers capable of capturing ultra-fine particles and hazardous chemicals and gases allow you to breathe purer air, giving your body a break from the constant barrage of toxins while at home.

Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers Recommends...

Austin Air Bedroom Machine Air Purifier

Austin Air Bedroom Machine Air Purifier
A Welcome Respite from Respiratory Symptoms

Ideally suited for Halifax’s high humidity levels, the low maintenance Austin Air Bedroom Machine handles a wide-range of airborne pollutants. This air purifier's outstanding filtration system features two particle filters to capture dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander and PM2.5 particulates, while the High Efficiency Gas Absorption (HEGA) carbon filter contains 15 lb. of granular activated carbon to effectively remove any dangerous chemicals and gases that may penetrate into your home.

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AllerAir Pro 5 MCS Supreme Air Purifier

AllerAir AirMedic Pro 5 MCS Supreme Air Purifier
Specifically Designed for People with Chemical Sensitivities

The AllerAir Pro 5 MCS Supreme air purifier offers those with chemical sensitivities a safe and effective way to create a pollutant-free sanctuary while at home. Featuring a customized carbon blend to match your specific sensitivities, the 16 lb. 2” deep activated carbon filter offers high-capacity chemical, gas and odour removal. This air purifier also features a scent-free Super-HEPA filter that captures ultra-fine particles down to an impressive 0.1 microns at 99.99% effectiveness.

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