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We love it when we get feedback on our air purifiers from our customers. As you can see from these Austin Air reviews, our customers simply love their Austin air purifiers! We hope these Austin Air reviews help you to make an informed decision.

“My Austin Air HealthMate Jr. air purifier arrived more rapidly than expected. Following the 1 hour set up on high, I put it to the test. Well that went extremely well. Fantastic results. Outstanding unit for my concerns. Household air, is without a doubt, cleaner than it has ever been. I would recommend this unit, or any bigger Austin Air unit for larger rooms, to anyone. Heck, I'll probably be informing everyone I know about how well this Austin works. Making the Austin choice, based on your information session with me, has already begun to make our household life more healthy. Thanks Robert!”
Marc L, Lively ON

“I just had a real (if very unpleasant!) testimonial to the quality of Austin Air purifiers. A rodent died in the wall of one of my bedrooms and it stank horrifically. Of course, this happened on a weekend when pest control couldn't come for several days. I didn't dare shut the door as I didn't want the smell to permeate the mattress, bedding and everything else in the room. The smell spread to the adjacent bathroom and was starting to come into my bedroom. I was despairing when I had a sudden inspiration. I moved one of my Austins (I have 3) from the garage (where I have worm farms) to the bedroom, turned it on full blast and shut the door. Two hours later I checked and the room was 90% clear of smell. Amazing!”
Heather A., Robert’s Creek BC

“After using the Austin Air HealthMate HM400 air purifiers for about a month in our dental operatories, I can testify that they do an excellent job in purifying the air! Our hygienists and assistants are so pleased with them, and I’ve heard them say many times that they really feel the difference in the air quality after we put the air purifiers in operation! Thank you Robert, for providing your expertise and helping me to decide which air purifier was the right one for my purposes!”
Celso C., Kitchener ON

“I just wanted to let you know that I have set up the 5 Austin Air HealthMate HM400 air purifiers that I purchased from you in my 5 dental operatories and am pleasantly surprised that they are not loud even when the fan speed is set to high. Also the foot print of the unit is compact enough to allow easy placement within the confines of the room. I just ordered two more units for the reception and waiting room! Thank you again for your fast and efficient service.”
Christopher S., Toronto, ON

“We purchased the Austin HealthMate Jr. for our bedroom to help clean the air during wildfire season. We noticed after just a few days that not only did the air seem really fresh but my nagging allergies have improved significantly! We highly recommend this product and the service from Modern Alchemy has been great.”
Catherine M, Penticton, BC

“Amazing, simply first class all the way, thanks so much! Purchasing the Austin Air HealthMate Plus HM450 air purifier is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made according to my partner. She cannot stop talking about the unit and I am the one with the COPD. The difference for me is like night and day. So thanks and all our filter needs will be purchased through Modern Alchemy. For the record, it took me over a year of research to find Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers and Austin Air. So thanks once again from both of us.”
Martin M., Vancouver, BC

“After receiving my Austin Air HealthMate HM400 and using it for just 24 hours, I noticed a difference in the quality of the air. Thank you again for your help with this product.”
D Arora, Toronto ON

“I purchased an Austin Air HealthMate HM400 for myself when my asthma, exacerbated by an unhealthy, ozone-emitting electrostatic air purifier being used in my bedroom for 3 years, became difficult to control. I experienced instantaneous improvement in my asthma symptoms with the Austin Air HealthMate, and as an unsuspected bonus, am no longer waking up with a stuffy nose! We now have another one installed in the kitchen where we operate a gas stove and where I spend much of my day. As gifts for our loved ones, my husband and I purchased 3 more Austin Air HealthMate units. My mother, who has Pulmonary Fibrosis, now sleeps more comfortably in her home, and the stale smell in our adult son's bedroom is a thing of the past. My only regret is that I didn't research proper air purifier technology sooner.”
D. Brown, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC

“I purchased the Austin Air HealthMate Plus HM450 after several months of trying to deal with the smell and off-gassing produced by new carpets in our office. I had tried everything - many fans running on high all night, steam cleaning and vacuuming the carpets, and several hundred dollars worth of plants. Nothing was really helping until I bought this air purifier. Within two days the carpet smell seemed to have completely disappeared and everyone in the office has been feeling much better. The Austin Air HealthMate Plus has made a huge difference to the overall health and well-being of my colleagues, as well as our general productivity. It was money well spent and I recommend the folks at Modern Alchemy very highly.”
J. Manning, Vancouver, BC

“Finally I can breathe easy! No joke! It’s like I am no longer allergic to dust. I know that’s not true, but it certainly feels that way now. I can sleep through the night without having to use decongestants. I can even breathe better when doing high-intensity cardio in my living room. I am very impressed. I never would have thought this was possible, and only wish I would have talked to Robert at Modern Alchemy years ago.

I started with the Austin HealthMate Jr. in my bedroom, bought another for the other bedroom and then the IQAir HealthPro Plus for the main area of the apartment. It was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I highly recommend these air purifiers to anyone with similar problems.

I still have to do a little light dusting of the furniture and vacuum once a week, but I also live in an old apartment building that distributes an extraordinary amount of dust through the ventilation system. Still, there is significantly less dust build-up than before I bought these air purifiers. I'd say about 85% less. This reduction allows me to stay on top of the remaining dust problem easily. This is as close to a resolution as I could have hoped for.

Thanks so much for your help Robert. The fact that I am no longer inhaling so many pollutants into my lungs has not escaped my notice either. Cleaner air allows me to breathe more deeply. Now I can’t wait to find out if the IQAir HealthPro Plus has the same effect on viruses. Not getting sick so often this winter would be the icing on the cake!”
H. Holden, Toronto ON

“So pleased with our purchase! The Austin Air Baby's Breath makes us feel great knowing that all of the toxins produced by our home renovation are being cleaned from the baby’s room. As a bonus, it makes the best white noise, so he falls asleep immediately and stays asleep. Simply the best!”
D. Giampietri, North York, ON

“I'm very happy with the Austin Air Allergy Machine Jr. HM205. I was looking for a HEPA air purifier for my bathroom since the duct that leads to the bathroom fan is pulling in dust from outside due to the way my apartment building is constructed. I called Modern Alchemy and had a pleasant chat with Robert, who's the owner. He recommended the Allergy Machine Jr. for its filtering (it can work in moist environments) and also for its form factor (the footprint is less than a square foot). The amount of dust has been reduced dramatically since I started to run the air purifier. I run it on the lowest speed during daytime to reduce the electricity cost and then on the second highest stage in the evening. The noise at the lowest isn't noticed and even at the highest speed, it's not that loud (you will hear it, but it's not annoyingly loud). To sum up, the Austin Air Allergy Machine Jr. is a very impressive little machine!”
Gert, Nepean, ON

“I'm so happy that I bought the Austin Air HealthMate air purifier from you; I can highly recommend the product as well as Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers. Delivery was exactly as promised, and your customer service by telephone was excellent and so friendly. Within 24 hours we noticed the difference in the air. There are no more odours, we breathe deeper and better, plus the dust build-up around the apartment is pretty well non-existent now. The only little drawback I find is that the clean air the fan blows out is cool, which is great for the summer, but not in the winter when you are trying to keep your house warm. In conclusion, the HealthMate does an excellent job at keeping the air clean.”
S. Bertholee, Niagara Falls, ON

“I absolutely love the Austin Air Healthmate Plus air purifier I purchased from you. I have severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and have had to return a few air purifiers in the past due to this. When used in my bedroom, the Austin Air HealthMate Plus helps me to sleep without being stuffed up during the night and when I wake up in the mornings. Unfortunately, I found the unit didn't do as well in my kitchen, living room and dining room area, because of the recent painting and the size of the area. I would totally recommend your company and the Austin Air HealthMate Plus. I felt you were very knowledgeable, understanding and explained your products really well, and also had solid advice regarding which units you felt would be best suited for me.”
C. Friesen, Steinbach, MB

“Just wanted to say thank you for your help in choosing my new air purifier, an Austin Air Healthmate Plus. My machine is up and running. I’ve got it on full power for the moment and while it’s a bit loud, I don’t mind it and I won’t always need it on full power. The air is noticeably better after just one hour. My eyes have stopped watering and I have stopped wheezing in just this little amount of time. I’m loving this so far! I would happily recommend it to any prospective buyer.”
A Payette, Kingston, ON

“I just wanted to let you know that the Austin Air Healthmate Plus air purifier that I purchased from you is working great and your suggestion was right on! I had an issue with cigarette smoke filtering into my apartment from neighboring units and from outside, and generally poor ventilation and indoor air quality in my bachelors unit because of the building structure. The HealthMate Plus seems to be much more effective for this purpose given its large carbon/activated charcoal filter, and it also has the HEPA filter which makes it a full-suite air purifier. My Coway Airmega is good as well, but not as good for this particular purpose, because a much larger charcoal filter is required for smoke VOCs (at least 5 pounds), which the Austin does have. I’m very happy with my purchase, however, I would definitely run everything by Robert of Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers before making an investment.”
D. N., Ottawa, ON

“The Austin Air HealthMate HM-400 was an excellent choice for us and we are really pleased with our purchase. For years, my husband has woken up with blocked sinuses and nasal congestion. We use the air cleaner every night in our bedroom and he has noticed a huge improvement in his breathing. We keep it on the low setting and are now accustomed to the white noise so that it doesn't bother us when sleeping. I also noticed that dust levels in the room are lower. I especially like the fact that we don't have to worry about changing the filter frequently.”
N. Clarke, Markham, ON

“I have been conscious about my family’s health, particularly my son who is very susceptible to allergies and respiratory concerns. I have always wanted to invest in a decent air purifier (not the commercialized ones we usually find on the market), and have searched the net to compare prices and study reviews. I ordered an Austin Air Healthmate Plus air purifier from your company and I have really felt the difference. It felt like entering an air conditioned room during the warmest part of summer. I felt refreshed. According to my son, his habit of blowing his nose, coughing and sneezing has also decreased. We were also surprised that the unit actually removed the odour produced by frying fish in 5-10 minutes. I am ordering a second unit this week because it really works.”
R. Suva, Winnipeg, MB

“I noticed a huge difference when I first put the Austin Air Healthmate Jr. air purifier in my bedroom. I slept all night for the first time in two weeks without coughing.”
Brenda D, St. Thomas, ON

“I have had a chance to use the Austin Air HealthMate Plus Jr., and am happy to report that it works wonderfully. The fumes and odours from my tintype photography chemistry are extracted very well by the machine. I use it in conjunction with the ceiling fan for full fume and odour control in the darkroom.”
H. Herget, Toronto, ON

“The Austin Air Pet Machine is the best air purifier I have used in my bird room, which contains 60 birds. Both my wife and I are allergic to bird dander, but we don’t want to give up the hobby we love so much. Thanks to the Austin Air Pet Machine, we don’t have to! There is no longer any dust in the room. Also, when our birds are breeding there are usually more odours from the nest boxes, but with the Austin Air Pet Machine running, you smell nothing but clean air.”
Steve Elich Aviaries (breeder of Cockatiels, Love Birds and Parrotlets), Brampton, ON

“We are loving the Austin Air HealthMate Jr. HM200 and IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifiers that we purchased for our bedroom and our clinic. Now we are looking at getting another HealthMate Jr. for the kids bedroom.”
C. Randell, Bedford, NS

“Wow. I put my new Austin Air Bedroom Machine in a 9 x 12 bedroom, and nothing can escape it. On the high setting, I got instant pharmaceutical grade air in a flash, and I can run it on high and still sleep fine. I've read all kinds of reviews by people complaining about loudness, but I've learned to ignore these when deciding on a machine. If you're a city person in a bustling area, don't even bother worrying about decibel levels when choosing an air purifier because you are immune to the constant background noise you live with every day, and an air purifier turned up a bit will not even register. I love the Austin Air Bedroom Machine in my small room, and the 360° intake makes it perfect for cramped quarters. I don't have air conditioning, so I've been shopping for a good fan to get me through those handful of really hot nights. Now I don't need one. In my small room, on high, the Austin Air Bedroom Machine is so powerful that the exhaust blows upward from the louvered manifold, bounces off the ceiling and swirls around, keeping me nice and comfortable. This is the perfect air purifier for my needs.”
P. Zimmer, Toronto, ON

"Our neighbour smokes and my wife has asthma, so she has trouble sleeping at night on a consistent basis. I searched online and discovered Austin Air. We were suspicious at first, but after using our newly purchased Austin Air Healthmate Plus air purifier for a week, my wife’s sleep quality has dramatically improved, so we are getting a junior version for our first baby that is coming soon. Modern Alchemy’s owner, Robert, is also a knowledgeable and professional person. I called him with a few questions and he gave me honest feedback for my needs. I also like how he keeps you in the loop in the purchase process. We definitely recommend Austin Air and Modern Alchemy to anyone who wants to live in a healthier environment.”
H. Chen, Oakville, ON

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Austin Air HealthMate HM-400 air purifier. I'm using it in the main living area and it has totally relieved the breathing, headaches, coughing and congestion issues I was experiencing from the residual nicotine remaining in our reno. Initially I was running it at high and now I just leave it a low speed. I highly recommend this product for anyone with similar issues.”
M. Shivrattan, Simcoe, ON

“We have been using the Austin Air Healthmate Plus air purifier since February 2014, it has been a great unit. We have a wood stove and before we got the Austin, I was dusting daily, but since we started it up I have gone days, if not weeks, without the need to dust. The HealthMate Plus is a bit noisy, but we just turn off the air purifier if we need silence and make sure it is running at all other times. I am an allergy sufferer, and this year the pollen is especially bad. We put the HealthMate Plus in the bedroom for a day and I was amazed at how well the air cleared. However it is too noisy for us to keep in the bedroom so we have ordered a Blueair unit and will let you know how it works. I would definitely recommend Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers, Robert was very helpful and their service has been excellent.”
K. Olson, Beasley, BC

“Robert was super knowledgeable about air filters and guided me to resources to help answer my questions regarding the component materials. He went above and beyond to help me order the Austin Air HealthMate Plus Junior to help clean the air in the place I just moved into. It has made a tremendous difference in removing the scent of chemicals, as well as removing pollen, dust and dander. Thanks so much!”
Tina C., Toronto, ON

“The Austin Air HealthMate HM-400 air purifier is working great! I'm really surprised at the power the fan has to get the air circulating around the room! That's quite reassuring since many purifiers don't seem to have enough power/suction to actually draw air into them never mind push it out. I definitely noticed a difference in my breathing the very first night. In the morning my nose wasn't plugged as it usually would be nor were my lungs kind of full feeling. I definitely notice that "fresh" smell in the room like the windows have been open. Thanks for your prompt and courteous service as that seems to be lacking in so many businesses nowadays!”
J. Batonyi, Calgary, AB

“We received our Blueair Central Whole-House Filter System, and it's awesome. This year our son Noah had no adverse reaction when our furnace went on (last year was horrible!). This system, combined with the Austin Air HealthMate HM-400 we purchased from you earlier in the year, has made a huge improvement to our indoor air quality – thank you!! Once again, your service was exceptional – it makes us happy to support the amazing work you do.”
A. Young, Almonte, ON

“I purchased the Austin HealthMate Plus Jr (HM250), which is really helping a lot with the wood smoke and my allergic reaction to it. It is useful for a single room, so I am thinking of purchasing the larger HealthMate Plus (HM450) for downstairs. Thank you for all your help and advice on this matter, my health has significantly improved. Thanks also for the terrific service, I have been telling friends about Modern Alchemy and the high level of service I have received.”
J. Lee, Ottawa, ON

“I must say that I'm impressed with the Austin Air Allergy Machine air purifier that I purchased two weeks ago. It has made a significant difference in the quality of air in my home, especially in this climate when the house is closed up for the better part of the year. After experiencing this unit and the wonderful job it is doing, I thought that an Austin Air Baby's Breath air purifier would be a great gift for my daughter who is expecting in April, my first grandchild.”
J. Spooner, Edmonton, AB

“Just wanted to let you know that I picked up my Austin Air HealthMate HM400 air purifier yesterday. After using it for less than 24 hours I'm very impressed! I slept very well and woke up feeling much less congested (just getting over a bad cold), and having the HM400 on the high setting for a few hours cleared out the smell in my apartment. I highly recommend Robert and Modern Alchemy for your air purifier needs, very knowledgeable and timely service.”
R. Patterson, Dartmouth, NS

“We love our nine cats, but despite diligent cleaning, the house sometimes smelled a bit too much like a pet store or an animal refuge. After extensive research, we decided to purchase an Austin Air Pet Machine air purifier, which we placed in our finished basement. Within days the basement smelt clean and fresh. We were so pleased that we ordered a second Austin Air Pet Machine to put upstairs. Friends noticed the difference immediately, and visitors who come to our house for the first time are astonished to learn that we have nine feline residents.”
Patricia and Henry Srebrnik, Charlottetown, PEI

“We have affectionately named our Austin Air Allergy Machine “Austin.” He (Austin) has really helped us. To make a very long story short, our apartment has a mold problem, and we are not able to move until later in the year. Austin has helped us to continue functioning in the interim. As an added bonus, my mild spring allergies were almost non-existent this spring. We are very happy with our purchase!”
NSL, Swift Current, SK

“Thank you very much for your assistance with the purchase of my Austin Air HealthMate Plus Jr. air purifier. Your patience and prompt and courteous service was much appreciated. I am looking forward to the arrival of my second Austin Air HealthMate Plus Jr. unit. I have allergies to dust and will use this one in my bedroom. I have had the other one in my art studio for one week now, and it is wonderful to breathe clean and fresh air while working. I also like the idea that I can vacuum the pre-filter from outside, and don’t have to worry about replacing the filters for 5 years.”
M. Bosnjak, Calgary, AB

“For the past five years we've had the Austin Air Healthmate Jr. HM200 operating in our home and providing us with consistently clean air. Because we lived in a somewhat small living space, the HealthMate Jr. was more than enough to meet our needs. More recently, we found ourselves living in housing with more than one level, so the decision was made to acquire another unit for the second floor. Since we have been satisfied with the original air purifying unit, there was no question we would return to purchase the second one from Modern Alchemy once again.

“Our two Austin Air Healthmate Plus air purifiers work great at removing the toxic odours in our house, and my husband doesn’t have such a stuffed nose anymore!”
A. Reichert, Eatonia, SK

“We own a bird, and he's a part of our family, but we have always been concerned about feather dust and the diseases it is known to carry. After buying the Austin Air Pet Machine air purifier for our home, we feel more confident that our family's health is not being compromised. An unexpected benefit is the amount of dust in the room is greatly reduced and it always smells fresh and clean.”
S. Coleman, FL

“I absolutely love the Austin Air HealthMate air purifier I ordered from you. Now my apartment always smells fresh, and I only have to dust once every two weeks.”
B. DeLong, Montreal, QC

“The Austin Air Pet Machine and Austin Air HealthMate Plus Jr. air purifiers arrived today safe & sound, and well packaged. I turned them on immediately after reading the manuals. The air output in the Pet Machine is a WOW factor! Before I bought your machines I tried the Hunter Quiet Flow – guess what? There was no flow!!! I even tried it in my 4x8 bathroom for 2 hours on ‘hi’ and there was absolutely no difference. Brought it back to Sears. I will highly recommend you for the machines as well as for your informative and super friendly service. I never want to open the windows again. I think everyone in polluted cities should own theses!!! A huge thank you.”

FOLLOW-UP COMMENTS: “I have been sleeping so soundly since I've received my Austin Air HealthMate Plus Jr. air purifier, I do not wake up with eyes burning nor do I wake up stuffed up anymore. This is such an improvement! Thank You. I can breathe so much easier, and deeper, you can feel the air is clean! Very happy client! Thanks very much.”
M. Renaud, Windsor, ON

“We are very happy with the Austin Air HealthMate air purifier we purchased from you. My partner really sees the difference. One night we turned the unit off and she didn't sleep very well and was sneezing a lot. We turned the air purifier back on the next day and everything was perfect!!!”
C. L., Buffalo, NY

“I am reaping the benefits of the Austin Air Pet Machine air purifier that I purchased from you already. Within only a few minutes of running it, I was breathing better, and the smell of 2 female pet rats caged in the living room was gone.”
K. Keith, Kemptville, ON

“My husband and I knew we wanted to get an air purifier, but had no idea which one. My sister has the Austin Air Pet Machine, but the store she bought it from was no longer open. I stumbled across Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers' website and was thrilled to see they had a summer sale on! When I called (many times), Robert was incredibly knowledgeable and patient. He explained everything in great detail, so I had a clear understanding of the benefits and differences between each Austin Air model.

We decided to go with the Austin Air HealthMate Plus HM450. We rent a newly built apartment and have two dogs, and even though we've only owned the machine for under a month, we have already noticed a difference! I don't notice the dog smell anymore, and it helps to quickly remove cooking smells as well.

I have to say that the biggest benefit is my improved sleep. Previously, we slept with the fan on, which I hated because the air blew directly on me, but the HealthMate Plus gave us the same benefits of air circulation without just blowing dust around. I have also grown to love the white noise in the background. We are comfortable leaving it on either level 2 or 3 overnight. Since our home is one level, I can easily move the Austin Air unit from the main living space during the day to our bedroom for the evening.

We are very happy with this purchase, and if we need another air purifier in the future, we will definitely be returning to Modern Alchemy to buy it.”
Tristan E., Regina, SK

“I have had my Austin Air Allergy Machine air purifier for a week now, and there has been a considerable improvement in the air quality in our home. Love it.”
D. Richardson, Fort Macleod, AB

“The Austin Air Pet Machine air purifier I purchased from you works quite well in getting rid of my Shar Pei's smell. I keep it running throughout the day, and the house feels cleaner and smells fresher. I noticed the dog smell when I turned it off for one day, so it's doing its job.”
B. Chan, Markham, ON

“The Austin Air Allergy Machine Jr. air purifier that I received as a baby shower gift is awesome. It’s hard to describe, but now the upstairs air feels like fresh outside air. It is wonderful.”
L. Dukart, Edmonton, AB

“We are really enjoying our Austin Air Healthmate Plus air purifier, and have noticed a real difference in our allergies.”
E. Smyth, Grande Prairie, AB

“We have to admit that the Austin Air Healthmate Jr. is one excellent little machine with a lot of do-good power behind it. It really does what it promises to do. The air purifier keeps dust from accumulating inside our home, big time! We don't need to dust the furniture nearly as often as we used to, which more importantly means that there is not nearly as much overall dust / pollen floating in the air for us to breathe in. With the air purifier constantly maintaining optimum air quality levels in our home now, we are no longer accumulating layers of irritants that go straight to our sinus cavities with every breath we take. If everyone had an Austin Air HealthMate system running and purifying the air in their home or place of business, we allergy sufferers could avoid even those temporary reactions, however, once we return home, the pollen-related symptoms quickly abate. Happy to say there have been no sleepless nights this year; the air quality in our home has never been better. Thank you Austin Air! You put the Sweet in Home Sweet Home."
Demitra M. N., Montreal, QC

“Thank you for the email reminder to order a new filter for my Austin Air HealthMate air purifier, I can't believe that it has already been 5 years! I'm still extremely happy with my air purifier and I use it almost every day. It is terrific for a house with two dogs as it helps keep the air fresher and reduce the dander from them. Plus it helps with air quality in general as it makes such a difference on the days I have it running vs. the days I don't. I still recommend this air purifier as much as I did when I first got it!”
J. Batonyi, Calgary, AB

“I've enjoyed our Austin Air Bedroom Machine very much, and that's why I’m buying another unit for my new house that has one more room.”
S. Chou, Surrey, BC

“I am very impressed with the Austin Air Healthmate Plus unit you sold me. It does a great job, and I love it very, very much.”
N. Occhionero, Montreal, QC

“The Austin Air Bedroom Machine air purifier that we purchased from you is working great. We now use it in the bedroom. We find that it works great on gaseous smells like smoke, barbecue, fireworks etc., but not as well on perfumes, sweet smells or cooking odours. We are very happy that it does what it does. Thank you for all of your help.”
R. Blair, Toronto, ON

“This summer, when I moved into a recently-renovated house with my roommate and her two cats, I had no idea how badly I would react to the cats, the renovation, and the dust from all the boxes. I started wheezing like I hadn't done in nearly a decade and went through practically a box of Kleenex a day. I was miserable, and I finally took to wearing a dust mask at all times while in the house; this kept me from reacting, but was clearly not a lifestyle choice I wanted to maintain indefinitely.

As I investigated all my options, several people suggested air purifiers, and I stumbled across the Modern Alchemy Air Purifier site online. The site was detailed and informative, and Robert was friendly, knowledgeable, and really helpful when I called. He came in person to take an air particle reading and examine our situation, and he recommended purifiers based on what we needed (and not on what was most expensive); we really felt as though he were trying to help us get the right product.

We invested in two purifiers (the Austin Air HealthMate and the Austin Air HealthMate Plus Jr.), the large one for the living room and the small one for my bedroom. It's now two months later, and I have been dust-mask free the whole time! Kleenex usage has been drastically reduced, and I don't even feel stuffy-nosed most of the time

I like how straightforward the HealthMate units are; you just plug them in, turn them on, and let them go. The outside gets vacuumed/wiped down when we do our regular cleaning, and I have the peace of mind of knowing that the filter only needs to be changed approximately once every five years (for which Modern Alchemy will send me a reminder e-mail, so I don't even have to remember that!).

As an aside, the purifiers on their highest setting have also worked great as low-level white noise generators to filter out sounds that tended to keep me awake or wake me up at night. For times when we want quiet, on the lowest setting, we can barely even tell that the purifiers are on.

The house feels like a home now, and we're delighted that we don't have to pick between my living there and the cats living there. I feel a great deal healthier and much happier, and I would recommend Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers and their line of purifiers to anyone who's in a similar situation.”
E. Dowden, Ottawa, ON

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