Customer Reviews for Blueair Air Purifiers

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We love it when we get feedback on our air purifiers from our customers. As you can see from these Blueair reviews, our customers simply love their Blueair air purifiers! We hope these Blueair reviews help you to make an informed decision.

“We were impressed right from the get-go with the Blueair HealthProtect 7770i we purchased from you. Even the packaging was impressive! Very simplistic, but everything had a functional purpose (i.e. the lifting handle cut-out in the cardboard wrapped around the product, perfectly balanced around the centre of gravity) - as you can probably tell, I appreciate this kind of stuff! Once functioning, we’ve been thoroughly impressed with how sensitive the air quality sensors are. I’ve “played around” a bit by holding different odours up to the sensor inlets, and was quite surprised at how quickly the unit reacted when in auto mode. The design of the unit is quite nice as well. Great on-board interface and a very nicely designed mobile app with historic data on measured PM and tVOC concentrations. Thank you again - we appreciate your professionalism and knowledge greatly!”
Max B., Brampton, ON

“I was recently asked to purchase up to 40 air purifiers for our Children’s Mental Health Centre. After doing my research, I contacted Robert at Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers as they carry the Blueair line of air purifiers. After answering several questions about what we were looking for and what were we trying to filter, Robert confirmed for me that Blueair was the way to go. As many of our youth are very “sound sensitive,” we needed a product that functions quietly. Robert indicated that Blueair functions almost silently on the first speed – and it does! After identifying room sizes (including height of the room), Robert recommended a mix of Blueair purifiers across our centre – Blueair 211+, Blueair Classic 605, Blueair Pro L and Blueair Pro XL – to ensure that the air was exchanged within each room within the recommended guidelines. Product was shipped quickly and within a day of the purifiers going into the rooms, we had one teacher comment that he noticed a difference almost immediately in his Grade 6/7 classroom and staff were asking where to purchase one for home. Thank you Robert for your assistance during this project. We’re certain we have the right products for our site.”
Wendy W, Waterloo, ON

“I have found our Blueair Classic 205 to cut down on the dust (noticeably by a lot), but I also feel like I am breathing clearer in our home. I am definitely a believer in Blueair air purifiers and think you definitely get what you pay for. I am also very glad to be a repeat customer. You run a top notch company.”
Jeff L, Toronto ON

“I have severe allergies to all grasses, pollen and dust and also live in an extremely dusty old apartment building. After doing a lot of research on air purifiers, Blueair was an easy decision. Consumer Reports and a recent CBC Marketplace episode rated Blueair as their best performing air purifiers. Robert helped me pinpoint which purifiers were right for me based on my apartment layout and allergies. I bought two Blue Pure 411+ units for my home office and bedroom, and the Blueair Classic 605 for the open area living space. WOW! The difference in air quality was dramatic within just days. And after two weeks with the purifiers on 24/7, I’m very happy to report that the itchy eyes, the clogged sinuses and scratchy throat have almost completely disappeared! Needless to say, I’m absolutely thrilled. This was an excellent investment.”
T Brown, Verdun, QC

“We recently received an order of several Blueair Pro L and Blueair 211+ air purifiers and I have rolled them out throughout our building. The staff were all very happy to see them operating. The air purifiers are all extremely quiet and not a distraction at all. They look at home in the office too! I have had multiple comments on how fresh the air seems to be with our Blueair units running. The Pro L units are equipped with the optional Air Intelligence Module, which was extremely easy to install. I was very impressed when I witnessed the air purifier reacting to the use of hand sanitizer nearby. The gas readout on the top of the unit increased and the fan speed picked up until the odour was gone. That function, in combination with the add-on charcoal filters, is fantastic. Robert was incredibly helpful, providing great customer service and very useful insights for the layout of the various Blueair units. I would not hesitate to recommend Modern Alchemy Air to anyone looking for air purifiers, and look forward to working with them in the future.”
Ben L, Owen Sound ON

“We ordered a Blueair HealthProtect 7770i air purifier from Modern Alchemy for my father in BC. Illness had made his breathing difficult, and when high levels of smoke became the norm in his area, the situation became even more serious. The Blueair HealthProtect 7770i is doing a great job of keeping the air clean at their home. The color display on the air purifier indicates when an open door allows in smoky air, as well as when the particles have been removed from the air. The fan automatically speeds up when necessary, and it is very quiet.

We greatly appreciate the experience and service we have had with Modern Alchemy. When the courier that accepted the contract to deliver the air purifier refused to deliver it because their staff said the address was out of town, we spent many frustrating hours on the phone over several days, until Robert at Modern Alchemy and his staff were able to make the delivery happen. The two BlueAir air purifiers we have bought from them (we have a Blueair 605 ourselves), have given us and our extended family cleaner air to breathe, which was crucial given the need for high air quality.”
Debby T., Edmonton, AB

“I purchased the Blueair Classic 605 and the Blueair Pure 211+ in November 2020, and am absolutely amazed at how they have transformed the air quality in my home! After running the units for a few days, I visually noticed two things. One, that there was minimal dust on my furniture and two, there was no dust floating in the air. My front door has a glass window, and on a sunny day a ray of light shines through and one could see the dust floating in the air. Now, the ray of light has disappeared and only the sunlight shines through the door. Another huge difference is how the air quality has changed. My home now has that clean smell just like when I used to leave the windows open during a rainfall. Additionally, the air purifiers have removed the cooking smell after every meal, especially bacon and fish. The smell does not linger into the next day. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Blueair to any consumer wanting to see similar results.”
D Jones, Vancouver Island, BC

“We decided to look for an air purifier in January 2021 – we live in a small condo with two cats and a second-hand smoke issue. We also love to cook but we don’t like the lingering odours it creates. A friend recommended Modern Alchemy to us. We are grateful she did. Firstly, we like the fact that Modern Alchemy is a Canadian company and secondly, the customer service is top-notch. Robert led us through all the options that would work best for our situation with a great deal of patience and good humour. We ended up purchasing the Blueair Pro M with the Blueair Go SmokeStop activated charcoal filter. I immediately noticed a marked change in my breathing. Before the Blueair, I would wake up in the morning with lots of congestion, but once we started to run it in the bedroom at night, I felt much better in the morning. A great plus of the unit is that on the low and medium setting, it is extremely quiet and doesn’t disturb our sleep. Cooking and pet odours also improved. I would highly recommend both the Blueair Pro M and Modern Alchemy.”
Tracy L. Toronto, ON

“I received my Blue Pure 211+ air purifier and in a very short time I can already feel the improvement in air quality in my home. As someone who has suffered from asthma and allergies all my life, the fact that I now wake up clear-headed and breathing normally throughout the day makes me realize how life-changing this will be. I hadn't seen the Marketplace episode testing of the various brands when I purchased. Instead, I researched air purifiers and learned everything I could to determine the important features to consider, and thankfully came to the same result. Thank you for the prompt delivery and for providing such an outstanding quality product.”
Carol C., Toronto ON

“Thanks so much for the excellent prompt service and surprisingly quick delivery. I’m delighted with the Blueair 211+ which substantially improved the air quality in our basement within a few hours and has helped us to regain full use of this space. It’s quiet operation means that I can run it continuously while conducting online meetings in my office.”
Paul H., Ottawa, ON

“So I’ve always thought of myself as a skeptic of air purifiers. Had heard all these advertisements on TV about how indoor air is somehow much more polluted than outside air. Sounded like scare marketing to me. Then I moved into my new house; just a few days into living there, I noticed my allergies starting to get worse. Tried duct cleaning, but it only made a short improvement (and the house was only a few years old!). Then things got much worse - my Asthma (which I’ve literally owned the same puffer for 10 years for because of how mild it was) started to get bad. Like wake up in the night and give myself 5-puffs bad. I tried everything, but things just kept getting worse. Then my uncle got an air purifier for “COVID reasons”. Seriously? More scare tactics. But his came with some fancy air sensors and he actually thought it was doing something. So I looked into it, and settled on a Blueair Pro XL (the same brand a CBC marketplace investigation gave great ratings to just a month or two ago!). I have a bigger house with an open staircase to the basement, and this was the machine with the largest coverage, and a great company from what I read online. I figured they’ve got a 30-day return policy; I can try it out, and when it does nothing, I can just return it.

My Blueair Pro XL arrived January 1st. I figured it would take a few days for the air to get cleaned, and for my asthma to get better, but I didn’t expect such a dramatic change. I literally have not used my puffer since January 1st! I took one puff the night the machine arrived, and have been back to my normal self since. This machine was a miracle! I am a physician, and have started recommending air purifiers to patients I see with bad asthma. So I’ve gone from a complete skeptic, to a converted believer. Of course if you don’t have any breathing problems, I don’t know what difference an air purifier might make, but if you’ve got allergies or asthma, make the investment and try it out. Based on what I’ve experienced, this thing can be a life changer. But don’t expect it to protect you from COVID - it is cleaning the air in the house, but if you’re sitting next to someone shedding the virus, having the machine on isn’t going to save you from catching it ;) ”
R. K., London ON

“A quick note to say that my Blueair Pro L air purifier arrived on Thursday. It was easy to install the AIM and the carbon+ filters. It runs beautifully, so quiet. I have it set to AUTO, and today after cooking, the fan did go up automatically. Great machine! I was looking at the specs of this brand even prior to the CBC Marketplace segment, but it was that segment that convinced me that this was the brand to purchase. Anyhow, super happy with it. Very well constructed too.”
Karin M, Toronto ON

“Our school purchased 7 Blueair Classic 480i air purifiers for our classrooms. They are quite compact and extremely quiet on levels 1 and 2. We only use level 3 if the VOC light is on. Level 3 is used when the kids are not in the classrooms and the door is closed, so that the purifier can clean the volatile organic compounds quickly and efficiently. We are very happy with this product!”
Natalie S., Edmonton, AB

“Thank you for the Blueair Pro XL air purification system, it’s working out great!! We had a problem with a manufacturer dumping air into the plenum of our complex. When the air pressure was low, the smell of airborne lacquer would enter our unit. Since installing the Blueair, we have not noticed any smells at all. We have also noticed a significant improvement in purifying the air from our printers. I would highly recommend these units to any office or home environment.” [Note: purchased with Blueair Pro GO SmokeStop filters and C+ filters]
A. Lefebvre, Toronto, ON

“I purchased my Blueair Pro M air purifier from you in early April. I did all my research and was confident that the Blueair Pro series was the right purifier for us and that Modern Alchemy Air was the right place to get it. First was the fact that you are a Canadian company. Secondly your website backed up all the information I had gathered from independent testing sites. The honesty of your web site is impressive. There are many sites using misleading performance claims. The proof however is in the real world performance. I have indoor allergies, seasonal outdoor allergies, as well as serious second hand smoke problem from the adjoining units. Being stuck inside because of the Covid-19 virus prompted me to get an air purifier. The Pro M has been running for 3 full weeks, 24 hrs a day. I cannot believe the difference it has made to our quality of life. First thing we noticed was that when the smell of second hand smoke got into our apartment, it was gone within a minute (we did purchase the Blueair Go SmokeStop activated charcoal filter and it is absolutely worth the money!). Cooking odors were also handled in a timely fashion. The biggest surprise was how much my indoor allergies improved. Despite all the regular routines of vacuuming, dusting and antihistamines, my symptoms were making life indoors miserable for me. Within a week of running my Pro M air purifier (and continuing my regular cleaning and antihistamines), my symptoms were reduced to the point I was as close to symptom free as I can ever remember. I will be asking my allergist why an air purifier wasn’t suggested to me. Vegffr,ry few purchases have ever provided us with the value that the Blueair Pro M air purifier has given us. I wish I had done it years ago. Thank you.”
Rick W., Amherstburg, ON

“I purchased the Blueair Classic 205 air purifier with the DualProtection Filter for the Master Bedroom. It is absolutely great! There is a noticeable improvement in the air quality and it is very quiet. I highly recommend it. Robert was very patient with all my questions and helpful in outlining the different possibilities.”
M Fisher, Toronto, ON

“Just wanted to let you know that the Blueair Classic 505 and three Blue Pure 211+ units that I purchased from you are awesome!! I never thought I could live with a cat!!! She says thanks too.”
D.W., Shelburne, ON

“Just wanted to let you know what I think of the Blueair Pro L air purifier that I purchased from you. I am blown away with how much better I feel. It is astounding, my nasal area cleared up after a day, and I can breathe freely through both nostrils every day for the first time in years. And the air intelligence module seems to detect pretty awful air quality in my home, so I really needed this. It's an old home with carpet and I'm right on the ocean so the mold is everywhere, even if you clean a lot. This thing is saving my life. Very noticeable difference.” [Note: purchased with Blueair GO SmokeStop filters, C+ filters and the AIM module]
Spencer H, Vancouver Island, BC

“I know you already know this, but thought I’d share - a few weeks ago I purchased an air monitor device that measures VOC, HCHO, PM2.5, and PM10 and it became immediately clear how much our Blueair air purifiers [Blueair Classic 505] are helping us. Really neat results depending on what’s going on in the house. Very happy with our second purchase of a Blueair Sense+ and thrilled with how quickly it arrived, thank you.”
B. Carson, Burlington, ON

“We are very happy with our Blue Pure 121 air purifier. The air quality in our home is noticeably fresher since we began running it about a month ago. A big factor in our decision-making process was the quality of service from Modern Alchemy. I appreciate the thoroughness of their website, and Robert’s advice to us was super helpful. No hard sell here - just very kind, generous and knowledgeable service from someone who really knows what he’s talking about! Modern Alchemy is the only store I would recommend.”
Jo-Anne B., Montreal, QC

“I can't believe the difference that the Blueair Pro M air purifier has made for me. I have not been having any airway mucus formation or other irritation while sleeping since my first night with the Pro M, and the daily accumulation of fluffy dust on the floor has stopped - entirely. The unit even draws air from down the long hallway since the dust has stopped there as well. I am absolutely thrilled with the quality and performance of this air purifier, as well as your knowledge and customer service. Thank you so much for the help in selecting the Blueair Pro M!”
P. Quinn, Halifax, NS

“I recently purchased a Blue Pure 211+ air purifier from Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers. The service from Robert at Modern Alchemy was excellent. He was extremely helpful and patient and I received the air cleaner 2 days after the order – amazing! I ordered the Blueair unit to help with allergies, and I have noted a significant difference with my allergy symptoms. It would not be a good choice if the buyer was wanting to reduce household gases, e.g., cooking smells – however I knew this when I made the purchase. The sound on low or medium does not disrupt sleep and the air purifier is light enough to move easily to different rooms when desired. I am very happy with this purchase and the difference it has made.”
Kate C., Guelph ON

“We are using the Blueair Pro XL air purifier in our congregation room of approximately 1,800 sq ft in Vancouver. The air purifier has been operating exceptionally well, we simply turned on the Auto setting and let the machine run on its own!”
Joshua P, Vancouver, BC

“Our Blueair Blue Pure 211+ air purifier and filters arrived yesterday. It was simple to set up, and my husband noticed a 70% reduction in his allergy symptoms after just one night! I have also ordered new furnace filters, non-allergenic mattress cover and sheets. We are very encouraged! Thank you, we will definitely be regular customers.”
Susan G., London, ON

“The Blueair Classic 605 air purifier arrived today, and after only a couple hours on medium, the basement smells amazingly fresh. Very impressed! No more musty dank basement smell. Can't thank you enough for your help in picking the best system for our needs.”
Daryle T, Delia, AB

“I purchased the Blueair Pro L air purifier from Modern Alchemy about a week ago. It seems to be doing its job most effectively in an 1100 square foot condo unit, with ongoing massive construction across the street. It is extremely quiet and well designed. It is also a thing of beauty to look at. The Air Intelligence Module is a real bonus, as it gives instant feedback regarding what activities might decrease air quality. For example, my contractor did a very minor repair on a bathroom vanity drawer using a toxic glue. The Blueair unit went "crazy," i.e., 3 bars on the gas side and the high speed fan. I was impressed as the smart module reacted instantly! Many, many hours were spent researching air purifiers, and the Blueair was the culmination of that time. Robert provided expert advice to help me decide on the Pro L - a decision I know I will not regret. His help, knowledge and mild mannered nature stand out above the crowd.” [Note: purchased with Blueair GO SmokeStop filters and the AIM module]
A Trufal, Toronto, ON

“I recently purchased two Blue Pure 211+ air purifiers and a Venta LW45 humidifier from you. I have set up both products and would comment that they are quiet, well-built and seem to be effective so far. Although it’s too early to comment completely on effectiveness, after two nights of sleeping in a room with both the Blueair and Venta units operating, I would say that my seasonal rhinitis shows signs of improvement, and therefore both breathing and sleep quality are improved. I will also say that I was pleased to find your business online. Your prices were very fair, and better than Amazon, you were there to answer the phone! Thank you for your emails along the way and follow-up throughout the process.”
R. Fowler, Mississauga, ON

“We received our two Blueair Blue Pure 411+ air purifiers recently and have tested both. Thank you, they are awesome!”
J. Noble, Kelowna BC

“Thanks for the quick shipping on the Blue Pure 211+. It's already making a difference in our house. My pet allergies have noticeably fewer symptoms in just a few days. Pretty amazing! Please sign me up for the filter reminder program. I suspect this thing will be running constantly from now on!”
Dave D., Toronto ON

“I recently purchased a Blueair 211+ and two Blueair 411+ air purifiers for my condo. I really like them for a number of reasons. The Blue Pure 411+ units are small, lightweight (yet stable), very easy to move, and do a great job in a small space. The Blue Pure 211+ isn’t huge, nor is it unsightly, like some of the other air purifiers I’d seen. They both come with a cover that can be purchased in other colours as well as the standard dark charcoal. Both the 211+ and the 411+ have 3 speeds. I tend to use the 2nd speed since the highest speed is a bit loud for my purposes. They also cool the room down a bit if you’re sitting close to it, which isn’t an issue for me, but may be for some. The Blueair units do a great job at getting rid of any odours that may linger, for example, from cooking. I did a lot of research before buying anything and am pleased I discovered Modern Alchemy, and most importantly, that I was able to speak with Robert. The customer service has been outstanding and Robert was beyond helpful and informative. I was also thrilled to see that the Blueair 211+ was the top-rated air purifier tested for the show Marketplace! Overall I’m very pleased and am glad I made the selections I did. ”
Beverly G, Toronto, ON

“My Blueair Blue Pure 211+ air purifier works great! I sleep better, am up earlier in the morning and feel a lot more alert and energetic. My lungs feel more relaxed and less congested, and I tend to take deeper breaths. It has only been 5-6 days since I received the unit! The Oransi EJ120 also works amazingly! My mom and brother are really happy. My mom is breathing easier and sleeps better through the night. The air smells cleaner too. It was the best decision to purchase both units!”
Tina K., LaSalle, QC

“Thanks so much for the kind note and excellent service. Both Breanna and I are having problems with air pollution and smoke triggering our asthma. We were delighted to receive our Blueair Classic 505 air purifier here in Vancouver faster than expected. It's really making a big difference for us. That’s why I’m purchasing a second Blueair unit. Thanks again for your help” [Note: purchased with Blueair GO SmokeStop filters]
L.M., Vancouver, BC

“We bought a Blueair 603 air purifier [now the Blueair 605] from you last summer because my wife has asthma and is also allergic to numerous airborne substances. She really noticed a difference after the first day we had the air purifier in our home. During the daytime we keep the Blueair in our living room where it does a good job of clearing the air in the main living area. We move it into our bedroom in the evening and by the time we go to bed, that room is cleared. The Blueair 603 is quite easy to move around because it is on casters. During the daytime we run the fan at full speed and at night we turn it down a notch and the sound is almost inaudible. The Blueair 603 isn’t cheap, but it is built very well and it is the first air cleaning unit that really works for my wife, so it has been an excellent investment.”
G. Friedel, Edmonton, AB

“We purchased the Blue Pure 211+ air purifier in the second half of 2020, and was motivated to do so with the poor air quality related to US wildfires that affected southern BC. We chose the 211+ unit based on positive reviews on the Modern Alchemy website and Consumer Reports. The customer experience with Modern Alchemy was very positive, and Robert handles questions quickly and efficiently. The unit arrived in great shape. Build quality looks good and assembly was very quick. In operation, it is very quiet at low speed, but the noise ramps up as expected at higher speeds. Operation is simple and intuitive. Overall, based on my early experience, the Blue Pure 211+ seems to be a very good air purifier.”
John N, BC

“Thank you for your quick delivery of our Blue Pure 411+ air purifier. It replaced our 25 yrs plus BREATHEasy Hepa in our bedroom. It's great, quiet, easy to operate and just the right size. We've recommended it to our family and friends.”
Pierre G, Rockland, ON

”My Blue Pure 211+ air purifier arrived this morning. I live in a 1000 sq ft Condo with a Magic Pac PVAC heating/cooling system. For unknown reasons, I have developed severe allergies that are currently being assessed. I am usually unable to see clearly or hear normally. My immunologist recommended purchasing the Blue Pure 211+ unit. Since plugging it in this morning, my normally swollen eyes and ears have cleared and my breathing has greatly improved. I do have to use antihistamines, but the difference in my ability to see, hear and breathe well is quite remarkable. l highly recommend the Blueair 211+. I will likely invest in a second and perhaps third unit for bedrooms. Robert from Modern Alchemy responded to my email enquiries quickly and in a highly professional manner. Thank you so much for excellent service and product. Modern Alchemy and Blueair - an awesome combination!”
K Marcino, Winnipeg, MB

“I think my husband is a convert since we got the Blueair 603 air purifier [now the Blueair 605]. A few days ago he said he can't believe he doesn't wake up coughing anymore (he has all his life). It was all I could do not to say "I told you so”
Bonnie W, Ottawa, ON

“I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my Blueair Pro L air purifier. I purchased it with the GO SmokeStop and Carbon+ filters as I was having an issue with smoke filtering into my condo from a neighbouring unit and I’m pleased to say that it works wonders for this purpose!”
Isa B., Montreal, QC

“I have been running my Blueair Blue Pure 121 air purifier for several days now. I run it during the day on the second speed and then turn it down to the first speed overnight. I am very impressed with the job it is doing. I am no longer aware of the smell of second-hand cigarette smoke in the corner of my dining room the way I had been, and the smell does not greet my nose as I come in the door from my walks. When the purifier is on the second speed, there is a soft purr from the motor. When it is on the third speed, there is very little sound at all. Thank you for all your patience with my questions and for your assistance in trying to find the right air purifier for me.”
K. Bell, Comox BC

“I purchased a Blueair Blue Pure 211+ from Modern Alchemy. A nice modern looking unit that I am very happy with. Nice and compact. Not too noisy. The "Apple" of air purifiers. I was particularly happy with the service from Modern Alchemy. They went above and beyond to get me the unit quickly when I made a special request. Top customer service marks. Thanks!”
Peter C, Montreal, QC

“We purchased the Blueair Blue Pure 211+ air purifier almost a week ago. The reason we bought the product is that my son (4 months old) sneezed a lot. Also, I realized that I sneezed and had itchy eyes after I gave birth. We stay at home most of the time so we needed something to clean the air asap. I was so surprised and happy that we received the Blue Pure 211+ within 2 business days. It has been almost a week since we started using the air purifier, and we are very satisfied with it. My itchy eyes completely stopped. We only sneeze once or twice a day and there are days where we don't sneeze at all. I strongly recommend the Blue Pure 211+ to people who have allergies or who have a baby.”
Fumika O., Toronto, ON

“I bought a Blueair Classic 205 air purifier from you to use in my bedroom. I am really happy with it - the air is great, and the filter runs so quietly. I am also most grateful for the excellent service. I really appreciated your advice.” [Note: purchased with Blueair GO SmokeStop filters]
L. Raynes, Ottawa, ON

“I purchased a Blueair Classic 505 air purifier and a Blue Pure 211+ from you and could not be more pleased. Great service, great products. Thank you!”
CD Ward, Shelburne, ON

“The Blueair Pro L air purifier that I purchased from you is working great! I was a little skeptical about it, but it has been a good purchase. The dust it removes is incredible and air quality thoughout the house has been greatly improved.”
Mark S., Hebron, NS

“The Blue Pure 211+ air purifiers that I purchased are as described, and I can see and feel the difference using them. I am also very happy with Robert’s quick communication and willingness to help on the delivery when there were challenges. Would highly recommend Robert and Blueair.”
Tanya S., Surrey, BC

“We have set our two Blueair Blue Pure 211+ units on the medium fan speed. The airflow is strong and also quiet. They were a good purchase, and now we are thinking of getting a 411+ for our son.”
B. Chan, Concord, ON

“Just a quick note to let you know that the Blueair 503 air purifier [now the Blueair 505] that I purchased from you is helping considerably. I’m still running for exercise and no asthma to speak of yet. I’m still taking a puffer, but on a reduced basis, just to be on the safe side. So very happy so far and recommending the Blueair units, and Modern Alchemy, to others out here in the Comox Valley where there is a significant winter air quality problem.” [Note: purchased with Blueair GO SmokeStop filters]
D. Powsey, Cumberland, BC

“I absolutely love my two Blueair 203 air purifiers [now the Blueair 205]. I have had so many different kinds of air cleaners over the years, and in the end, they were all garbage. The fact that the Blueair filters need to be changed so infrequently is such a convenience and the machines are so quiet, I don't even know they're running. I have a new puppy and my allergies need to be kept in control; I know my allergist would be impressed. Thank you from one happy customer.”
H. Stepien, Toronto, ON

“After using the Blueair 403 air purifier [now the Blueair 405] in our bedroom, I started using it in the main living room because most of the allergens are there (our cats are always in the living room). It seems to have made a difference as my wife now has fewer problems, and I've also noticed a lot less dust suspended in the air. I was a bit concerned as we have a large living room with a high ceiling, but it seems to be handling the area well.”
M. Deslauriers, Montreal, QC

“My two Blueair 203 [now the Blueair 205] air purifiers are super. One stays permanently in my painting studio, where even though I no longer use chemical thinners, there are still plenty of other unknown pollutants in the air, and the other stays in my office. Remarkably, when I'm in the rooms with the Blueair 203s, I don't need to use my allergy medications! I'm very happy with these air purifiers and have recommended them to several people. I also appreciate the extra services that you offer, e.g., the filter replacement reminder program and warranty processing.”
M. Becker, Vancouver, BC

“The Blueair 603 air purifier [now the Blueair 605] I purchased from you works wonderfully. It is a MUST for keeping down dust and smoke particles in my home during the winter season, and as an added bonus, during spring and summer allergy season.” [Note: purchased with Blueair GO SmokeStop filters]
J. Smith, Magog, QC

“Just received the Blueair 650E GO SmokeStop air purifier. Did a very scientific test in my office - I smoked 2 cigars. GREAT FILTER!!! Thank you so much for the advice.”
M. Marchione, Bolton, ON

“Wow what a difference this Blueair 450E air purifier has made in our home; my regret is that I never found out sooner how truly efficient it is. I don't have asthma, but I am allergic to dust mites and other things, and my nose was always congested. I started to look into air purifiers on tv and on the internet. It seemed the more I read, the more confused I got. I decided to phone you and boy I'm glad I did. After asking me a few questions, you were able to guide me to one that serves my needs perfectly. I am so glad to say that after the first night, I was not congested and was able to sleep through the night. Thank you so very much Mr. Mayr.”
B. Ball, Collingwood, ON

“I recommended your Blueair air purifiers to my son. He purchased a Blueair 450E GO SmokeStop unit and is 110% satisfied with his purchase. There was a bad smell in the apartment and it disappeared within 24 hours. Thank you for your excellent products and service.”
G. Arbour, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC

“I am very pleased with my Blueair Blue Pure 211+ air purifier that I recently purchased. It is very quiet during operation in various rooms we have used it in. The customer service from Robert at Modern Alchemy was friendly and helpful. The air purifier was ordered Friday afternoon and delivered Monday morning!”
Karen H, Uxbridge ON

“When researching for an air purifier, I was looking for something that was very quiet and offered minute filtration. I chose the Blueair brand because it was well designed. Purchasing something within Canada was also important to me. Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers made it easy to purchase our Blueair 203 air purifier [now the Blueair 205]. We received excellent knowledge through quick email and telephone responses. With the expert knowledge, we chose the Blueair 203 model to filter out particulates and any possibility of moulds. We now use the unit in our bedroom. The unit is very quiet on the low setting, but we turn it off when we go to sleep. During the day when the room is unused we run the Blueair at a higher speed and go to bed with refreshed clean air.” [Note: purchased with Blueair GO SmokeStop filters]
K. Ghiglione, Toronto, ON

“We have been using the Blueair 403 air purifier [now the Blueair 405] for a week and both my wife and I are extremely satisfied. The unit was for our bedroom, and in one night we immediately noticed a difference in the air quality. While the main reason for getting the unit was for my cat allergies, we are both sleeping better. I am a light sleeper, but the unit noise at the two lowest levels does not even register with me during the night. Also, thank you for the prompt delivery. I definitely will recommend a Blueair unit and your company to anyone who is thinking of purchasing an air purifier.”
D. Crabb, Kingston, ON

“We always prefer to shop at Canadian retailers. While shopping for an air purifier, we were pleased to come across the Canadian retailer "Modern Alchemy." We found their website easy to use, with great, reasonably priced air purifiers and availability of replacement filters. We purchased a Blue Pure 211+ air purifier and are very happy with its performance and ease of use. The air purifier looks good and is not noisy. Dealing with Modern Alchemy was a very pleasant experience.”
Peter G., Port Rowan, ON

“I'm glad to report that I'm very satisfied with my purchase of the Blueair 203 air purifier [now the Blueair 205], and also with your service. So much so that I've recommended it to my company for our office space. I have less dusting to do at home since I've been using the air purifier, and am thinking of purchasing another one in the near future.” [Note: purchased with Blueair GO SmokeStop filters]
A. De Angelis, LaSalle, QC

“My Blueair Classic 505 air purifier arrived safely, and I’m very pleased with the look of it and the fact that it has wheels. I noticed an immediate improvement in the smell/air quality within hours of operating it. Thanks so much.” [Note: purchased with Blueair GO SmokeStop filters]
Joanne C, Oakville, ON

“We absolutely love our new Blueair 450E GO SmokeStop air purifier. It is awesome - so quiet and efficient.”
B. O'Grady, Brockville, ON

“We just purchased three Blueair 650E air purifiers from you and have been using them for about 10 days now. We’ve noticed that our sinuses are clearer, and it sure keeps the odors down as it kicks in when we’re cooking, nice!”
D. Dray, Surrey, BC

“Being a moderate asthmatic, all traces of pet dander provoke a very unpleasant reaction in my breathing. When I begin to wheeze through my airways, it is quite detrimental to my daily productivity, and sleeping, exercising and studying become difficult. After we renovated our new home with hardwood flooring and had the air ducts cleaned, I found that I was still unable to breathe clearly. We called Robert at Modern Alchemy, and he gave us a thorough and helpful education on how air purifiers could help our situation. A Blueair 503 air purifier [now the Blueair 505] was selected for the basement, and two IQAir HealthPro Plus units were placed in the rest of the house. Within an hour, the air was noticeably easier to breath and smelled better. The very first night I noticed I could sleep through the entire night without waking up. That was amazing! A feat I have not experienced for years. The Blueair 503, which was placed in the basement where I exercise, dramatically increased my endurance while working out.”
Chris C, Ottawa, ON

“So far my Blueair 403 [now the Blueair 405] air purifier is working really well. I am almost off all allergy medication for my 2 kittens, and hopefully with some diligent cleaning, I can soon be completely medication free! It's made a huge difference, and as promised, it is very quiet.”
K. Pettit, London, ON

“We are very happy with our Blueair 650E air purifier. Since we began using it, we have noticed an increase in air quality. I am an allergy sufferer and since we started using the air purifier, my symptoms have decreased. We would recommend the Blueair 650E to any potential customer.”
D. Patey, St. Anthony, NL

“I recently purchased a Blueair Blue Pure 411+ air purifier from Modern Alchemy. We are very impressed and pleased with this purchase. Within a very short period of time, we noticed an improved quality in the air in our room. We share our home with a dog. My husband has allergies. Since running the 411+ my husband is less congested, and the room is so much fresher. The 411+ is light, easy to move and comes equipped with three speeds. We are also very impressed with Modern Alchemy. Customer service is obviously a priority. Robert is very knowledgeable and listens well to customer’s needs and suggests an air purifier accordingly. He answers questions easily and is happy to give reasons for his recommendation. There is excellent phone and email communication available if further information or clarification is required. I highly recommend Modern Alchemy to others.”
Anne J., London, ON

“Just wanted you to know that my new Blue Pure 411+ air purifier arrived a couple days ago. It seems to be working very well and is so quiet on speed 3 that you aren’t even aware it is there, except for the air being cleaner of course. The 411+ has a much better design than the earlier model I had looked at, and it arrived just in time for another round of smoke from the California fires. Thank you for your assistance and advice over the last few years.”
Kathleen B, Comox BC

“For the past five years we've had the Austin Air Healthmate Jr. HM200 operating in our home and providing us with consistently clean air. Because we lived in a somewhat small living space, the HealthMate Jr. was more than enough to meet our needs. More recently, we found ourselves living in housing with more than one level, so the decision was made to acquire another unit for the second floor. Since we have been satisfied with the original air purifying unit, there was no question we would return to purchase the second one from Modern Alchemy once again.

The overall price was the motivating factor, and since the Blueair 203 air purifier [now the Blueair 205], was on special at the time, it was the one we chose to go with – although, admittedly, we didn’t notice at the time of purchase that the filter changes for the Blueair 203 would be much more frequent than we have been used to with the Healthmate Jr. In any case, call us superficial, but this unit, as we see it, is visually more attractive and therefore worth the little bit of extra cost required to keep it working optimally.

We've been running the Blueair 203 since it arrived and we are pleased to say that it is doing a splendid job as was hoped. The blue light it emits when it is operating is – in our opinion – way too bright for a bedroom at night, so it remains situated in the hallway just outside the bedrooms, benefiting the air quality on the whole floor, while providing a nice hallway nightlight for potential nighttime sleepwalkers.”
Demitra M. N., Montreal, QC

“The Blueair 203 air purifier [now the Blueair 205], that I purchased from you has been working wonders for my allergies for quite a few seasons now! Too bad I can’t cart it around everywhere I go!”
K. Inkster, Vancouver, BC

“Everyone, our rabbits included, is enjoying our Blueair 503 air purifier [now the Blueair 505]. It does a good job and it DOES make a difference!”
M. Rhynes, Calgary, AB

“I love my Blueair 203 and 403 air purifiers! I don’t know what I did without them!” [Note: purchased with Blueair GO SmokeStop filters]
P. O’Leary, Ottawa, ON

“I am delighted with my Blueair 503 air purifier [now the Blueair 505]. Within hours of turning it on, the dust in my apartment was visibly less and the air so much fresher. I wish I had gotten one sooner.”
Timothy O, Toronto, ON

“I hardly ever give reviews, but Modern Alchemy certainly deserves one. The Blueair 403 air cleaner [now the Blueair 405] that you supplied is as quiet and efficient as claimed and your no-quibble service when I raised a small problem was outstanding. I have no connection with Modern Alchemy, other than as a satisfied customer.”
T. Whieldon, Balderson, ON

“I received my Blueair 203 [now the Blueair 205] air purifier today, and am absolutely delighted with the quality and the efficiency. After only having turned it on a few hours ago, the air quality in my office is very pleasant. I have been searching for the perfect air purification system for several years and am certain that I made the right choice. My computer equipment is very important to me and maintenance of my equipment is paramount. My new Blueair will ensure that all computer components remain clean, cool and functioning topnotch at all times. Thank you so much for your assistance with the purchase. I look forward to doing business with your company in the future.”
L. Denomey, Belle River, ON

“I have found the Blueair 203 air purifier to be very quiet and its narrow profile fits well into my home. I have had mine for about 2 months, and I just ordered another unit (a Blueair 503) for our main living space.”
A. Low, Toronto, ON

“The Blueair 405 air purifier that I purchased from you was a good deal and has been working very well. Thanks so much!” [Note: purchased with Blueair GO SmokeStop filters]
F. Ning, Richmond Hill, ON

“Our family purchased three Blueair 650E GO SmokeStop air purifiers and I just wanted to let you know that we are very happy and satisfied.”
D. Dray, Surrey, BC.

“We purchased a Blueair 603 GO SmokeStop air purifier [now the Blueair 605] for our cottage and have it running near the wood stove - It works beautifully!"
Andrew and Kit, Lachine, QC

“My Blueair 203 air purifier [now the Blueair 205] is still working great (since October 2012 with continuous use). My office space and computer equipment are dust free! And thanks so much for your outstanding Filter Replacement Program, I just ordered a twin-pack”
L. Denomey, Belle River, ON

“I would like to give some feedback on the Blueair 303 air purifiers that I purchased from you. The air purifiers are excellent and exactly as described, i.e., quiet, efficient and easy on the eyes. In terms of the service, the Blueair 303's were quickly shipped and arrived in excellent condition, and my questions were answered promptly. Thank you for the quality of product and service.”
B. Rowley, Ottawa, ON

“We received our Blueair Central Whole-House Filter System, and it's awesome. This year our son Noah had no adverse reaction when our furnace went on (last year was horrible!). This system, combined with the Austin Air HealthMate HM-400 we purchased from you earlier in the year, has made a huge improvement to our indoor air quality – thank you!! Once again, your service was exceptional – it makes us happy to support the amazing work you do.”
A. Young, Almonte, ON

“We have had our Blueair 400 Series air purifier for almost 7 years now, and it is still working great! We are still very satisfied with our purchase.”
M. Deslauriers, Montreal, QC

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