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We love it when we get feedback on our air purifiers from our customers. As you can see from these IQAir reviews, our customers simply love their IQAir air purifiers! We hope these IQAir reviews help you to make an informed decision.

“We just purchased two IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifiers from you and are pleased to report that they are exactly as promised. Very quiet on low speed and very efficient on higher speeds. Easy to move around and quite handsome as well. The particulate matter seems to be much less the more we use them, although we do not have a measuring device to confirm the levels. All in all we are very pleased and quite happy to have received the units before the Covid19 outbreak. Thank you for your help in making the correct decision for our home.”
J and L Jennings, Ancaster, ON

“It has been about 6 weeks since I received the two IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifiers from your company. I want to tell you what a difference they have made to the air quality in our basement. The odors and mustiness are completely gone - a big difference was noticed in just 24 hours. The IQAir units are now running on a reduced speed 24 hours per day and the air smells clean all the time. We also used them to clear out the odours left from window and door sealants after having several of these replaced shortly after the air purifiers arrived. Where asthma and respiratory difficulties were a daily problem for me, I am free of both problems now unless I get exposed to triggers outside of the house. My lungs thank you! The delivery was on time and the units wonderfully easy to set up and get running, which was very helpful. I expected a complicated setup, but was pleased to find they needed little more than being plugged in and turned on. I will recommend both these cleaners and Modern Alchemy to anyone looking to improve the air quality in their homes or business areas.”
K Vestre, Drayton Valley, AB

“I suffer from a severe case of COPD, asthma and allergies. I’m 50 years old and my quality of life has come back to 100% indoors using the IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier. Thank you Robert for the friendly service, your knowledge of air purifiers and helping me to choose the right products.”
Steve K., Laval, QC

“The two IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifiers that I purchased from you are definitely amazing. I have been struggling with lung disease and a severe dust allergy for a long time. The air purifiers have done amazing things for me. A firm believer. Wow.”
Renée S., Warfield, BC

“I am very satisfied with the IQAir HealthPro Plus (New Edition) I bought through your online shop. I had been thinking about acquiring an air purifier in order to reduce dust & improve air quality in my bachelor apartment. Worry about the new coronavirus pushed me into actually buying one. At first I was set on a model equipped with a UV light; however, after checking noise ratings on your website, the IQAir HealthPro Plus seemed to be the most silent. I'm now confident it was the best choice for my needs. The IQAir runs very silently on the low settings (1 & 2). I can have it on all day without its noise distracting me. It can also run while I sleep without bothering me, no problem. Other settings seem useful when more airflow is required: setting 3 offers a good compromise between noise and airflow, while settings 4-6 are best kept for when you don't have to stick around, i.e., too loud. Results-wise, I feel the air quality has improved. As a 1st-time user of air purifiers, I had high expectations. I had this subconscious belief that dust would magically disappear and stop existing... of course, that never happened. What happened is I see less stuff flying in the air and dust accumulates at a slower pace. It became a lot easier to manage. Also, some subtle things I did not expect changed for the best: the apartment feels less "damp" and I feel more energized in my daily life. In short, the IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier brought improvement to my quality of life and I do not regret the investment.”
Anonymous, Toronto, ON

“Yesterday I was boiling potatoes, and forgot the pot. The exhaust fan was on, so the neighbours could smell the burning pot. They came banging on my door to see if there was a fire and if I was ok. I said, I don’t smell anything. If looks could kill I would have been dead. So they came in and I said tell me if you smell anything, they could not. So I introduced them to the fact that I had 2 IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifiers in the kitchen that took all the odors out of the room. Now I am worried for the future, if these IQAir units are that good, I may never know when my food is cooked based on smells being captured. So I have reduced the number of HealthPro Plus units in the kitchen to one. A famous Chef once told me – if you can smell it, it is cooked. Not with IQAir. LOL.”
C.W., Toronto, ON

“I must say that I love my IQAir MultiGas GC air purifier. It is everything you said it would be. It is happily cleaning the smoke that was entering my place, along with the high levels of particulate matter that were present. Thanks so much.”
Penny G., Ottawa, ON

“We had some staining done while we were away and when we returned, the fellow who did the staining – an individual with 30+ years of experience – wanted to know about our IQAir MultiGas GC. He was shocked from one day to the next how much the smell had diminished.”
T. Daw, Peterborough, ON

“My wife and I live in Victoria BC where the air quality is excellent. We never saw the need for a filtration system. However in the past two years there have been three instances of massive forest fire smoke that travelled thousands of kilometres to hang over much of western North America. The California/Oregon fires in August/September were the catalyst for our purchase. We asked a friend who had recently installed two in his house: he recommended IQAir. We received the IQAir HealthPro Plus in mid-October, about 3 weeks after ordering. Impressive during these virus-laden times! I mentioned the air quality in Victoria is excellent…so, we were not expecting much from the filter during normal non-smoky times. To our surprise, within several hours we noticed that the air in our suite smelled fresher (not that our suite normally stinks!!). Even our closet lost the slight “clothes” smell. And the quiet airflow noise the filter generates is not intrusive at all and doesn’t bother our sleep even though it is operating a few feet away from our bed. So we have unmeasured subjective proof that the IQAir HealthPro Plus does exactly what the company says it does. We’re very happy with it.”
Jeremy J., Victoria, BC.

“I can’t believe how effective the IQAir MultiGas GC air purifier that I bought from you is. Even my kids, who were skeptical to say the least, are impressed!! No more new house smells, no paint, stain or cabinetry smells. Just fantastic!”
D. Giampietri, North York, ON

“I am happy to report that I survived my school year in the portable classroom because of the IQAir HealthPro Plus I purchased from you last September! Not only was my asthma specialist pleased with the state of my lungs during the year, but my students also were very happy to be in MY portable. When we had occasion to visit the other portables for Grade meetings or project sharing, they invariably reported, when we returned to our portable, that they couldn't believe how stuffy the air was in the other rooms, and how hard it was for them to breathe in there. Only one of my students was an asthma sufferer, so these are kids with "normal" lungs noticing a huge difference in our portable! I would call that success!!”
Laurie F., Innisfil, ON

“OMG! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Years have been added to my life!!! I’m telling others about my IQAir HealthPro Plus. I wish everyone could enjoy this great product.”
E. Salm, Kinmount, ON

“We had a long-standing problem with a moldy air smell coming from near the front door of our house. This smell welcomed us every time we came home and it spread around the whole house when the windows were closed. My wife was very sensitive to it. This problem was examined by many HVAC specialists, and no one could find a reason or a solution for it. Perhaps the only way to solve it would be to completely take apart that part of the house and rebuild it. Then came Robert Mayr. He proposed an IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier which we could return if it did not solve the problem. And it did! The moldy air smell is probably still entering our house, but the air purifier quickly cleans it and the problem is, for practical purposes, solved. No more musty smells. Thank you Robert!”
Luigi L, Ottawa, ON

“Being a moderate asthmatic, all traces of pet dander provoke a very unpleasant reaction in my breathing. When I begin to wheeze through my airways, it is quite detrimental to my daily productivity, and sleeping, exercising and studying become difficult. After we renovated our new home with hardwood flooring and had the air ducts cleaned, I found that I was still unable to breathe clearly. We called Robert at Modern Alchemy, and he gave us a thorough and helpful education on how air purifiers could help our situation. A Blueair 503 HEPASilent air purifier [now the Blueair 505] was selected for the basement, and two IQAir HealthPro Plus units were placed in the rest of the house. Within an hour, the air was noticeably easier to breath and smelled better. The very first night I noticed I could sleep through the entire night without waking up. That was amazing! A feat I have not experienced for years. The Blueair 503, which was placed in the basement where I exercise, dramatically increased my endurance while working out.”
Chris C, Ottawa, ON

“The IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier has made a big difference in our home. Six months ago, my girlfriend moved in with her two cats, and although we do not have any allergies, many of our family and friends cannot be in a home for more than 20 minutes where cats are present. We decided to invest in an IQAir because it alone filters down to 0.003 microns - small enough to remove cat allergens from the air. The extra expense was certainly worth it. The air in our home is so fresh and clean that we notice it every time we come home from other houses without air purifiers. Our friends with allergies are able to spend time even in the rooms most lived in by the cats. We also keep one room "cat-free" where guests with allergies have spent the night with the IQAir purifier and not noticed a single allergy symptom. Even though we don't have allergies ourselves, it is so worth it to have cleaner, fresher and healthier air in our home. It's great and I would recommend it to everyone.”
C. Butts, Fredericton, NB

“Just like to say how improved the air quality became after purchasing the IQAir MultiGas GC. Had it for a year now, and it has greatly resolved the problem of a 1000 sq. ft bungalow, built in the 50’s, on a cement slab, without a vapour barrier above or below. The cool moist air in the cement below would always seek the warmer dry air above, causing various degrees of musty odors and allergic reactions. With some appropriate drainage and landscaping this past summer, along with the IQAir GC, problem solved… Thanx Robert”
Doug W., Deseronto, ON

“We received the IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier and replacement filters at the post office. Since installing the unit, we have noticed that the air in the kitchen and living room is very clear and free from dust particles, floating cat hairs and other irritants. Thank you!”
Doug and Barb, Togo, SK

“We love our IQAir HealthPro Plus NE air purifier. We initially purchased the IQAir to clear smoke from a neighbouring unit, and the side benefit of opening the front door of our condominium and smelling absolutely nothing but fresh clean air is invaluable. The IQAir is very efficient and clearing all manner of smells, however, if you have an acute problem, I would recommend the unit that clears gases [the IQAir MultiGas GC]. The HealthPro Plus is worth every penny we spent as we also suffer from environmental allergies. We would purchase this air purifier again in a heartbeat.”
M. Browne, Toronto, ON

“I received my IQAir HealthPro Plus a couple of weeks ago and I am so happy with it. My health is improving for the first time in a year, which is priceless. Thank you so much!”
F. Doherty, Kingston, ON

“I am extremely pleased with my IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier as I've noticed a huge improvement in my allergies (sneezing and sinus congestion) and have gone months without having to take any medication for them. When I enter my apartment, the freshness of the air is immediately obvious. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone who would like to improve the quality of the air in their home.”
B. Mullins, Montreal, QC

“The IQAir MultiGas GC air purifier is doing a very fine job at purifying the air in my apartment. I am very satisfied up to now, as I had some tobacco smoke entering into my apartment. I do have Austin Air air purifiers running as well, but the added IQAir GC MultiGas finished the job for me to have clean air (I am very sensitive and allergic to tobacco smoke). Smoking tobacco should not be allowed in residential buildings, as it easily travels from one apartment to the other.”
Robert G, Montreal, QC

“The IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier that I purchased from you has been life changing! We don't have any allergies in our home, but we do aspire to treat our bodies the best we can, and an air filter is a big part of that in this world. Our indoor air is now super fresh, almost like it has been scrubbed by lemon peels. The first day of running it in our home office, I noticed a sensation at the back of my throat, similar to a detox effect, of the body experiencing relief of not having to filter the air for once, being able to rest and recover. This is a great addition to our home sanctuary! I would also like to add that Modern Alchemy is easy to deal with, responsive and answered all of my questions. I will eventually order another HealthPro Plus to keep on the other level of our home.”
Ronald S., Toronto, ON

“After having our IQAir HealthPro Plus for a bit now, I can honestly say that we are very satisfied with our purchase. We were driven to purchase one when my wife had an allergy attack once the cold weather necessitated that the heating system run. Even though the unit is in our bedroom, it sucks up odours from the whole house, including cooking. There was a very noticeable decrease in dust particles, and our family felt much better and my wife had increased energy. We had a book given to us from a cigarette smoker, so it reeked of tobacco smoke, and placed it on the purifier for a day and to our astonishment there was no more detectable smoke odour! I purchased a new foam pillow which smelt of gases from manufacturing, so onto the purifier it went with the same excellent results as with the book. I am not fond of the fumes when my daughter does her nail polish, so now she applies it right in front of the IQAir. Not only does she not inhale the fumes, but no one else has to either. I’m amazed. Our house is also built on bedrock, so I feel that there is an increased chance of natural radon gas exposure from the earth and soil. I feel comfortable knowing that such an effective machine is working to keep our house air “pure.” Thank you for such a fine product.”
The Blom's, North Bay, ON

“I wanted to let you know that I have recommended you to my friends as they are very impressed with my IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier. They have seen the results in my breathing improve since my purchase, and I know two of them will be ordering soon. I look forward to purchasing another HealthPro Plus upon my return from holidays in the spring, as it has truly made a difference in my life. Thank you again for such excellent service and for supplying such a terrific product!”
Patricia S., Burns Lake, BC

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for answering all of my questions and for providing me with this incredible air purifier. I am schlepping my IQAir HealthPro Plus upstairs and downstairs, and everyone in the family agrees it produces outstanding air. While it hasn't reduced my pet allergy symptoms to zero yet, today is a non-medication day and for me that is a BIG win. In addition, the white noise on setting 1 is very pleasant to sleep with. I will be calling you next week to discuss ordering a second unit.”
P. Greenberg, Toronto, ON

“So far I am loving my IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier, my apartment is now smoke-free. Thank you for your help and the great service”
E. Cowan, Toronto, ON

“The IQAir MultiGas GC air purifier that I purchased from you is up and running, and doing a great job in the smoke of BC’s wildfires. It is wonderful with asthma to be totally comfortable inside, whilst smoke obscures the view outside. On high speed the IQAir is pretty noisy, but worth it for the improvement in quality of life it provides”
Kay C., New Denver, BC

“We love the two IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifiers that we bought from you. We run them on the main floor at high speed, one in the kitchen and one in the living room to remove mold spores. I can’t believe the difference they make in the air quality and will be ordering more IQAir units from you soon.”
L.A., Mallorytown, ON

“I just wanted to let you know how much of a difference the IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier has made to my sleeping and allergies. Ever since I bought the machine, it has been running non-stop on level 1 in my bedroom, and I haven’t had any difficulties breathing like I did before.”
G. Roy, Gatineau, QC

“I'm very impressed with the IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier. I used to wake up every morning with highly congested sinuses, and it would take hours before I could breathe normally. I didn't know whether an air purifier would help my congestion or not, so I was initially very reluctant to spend the money on one. After much research I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the IQAir Healthpro Plus. The second morning after setting up my new air purifier, there was a very notable difference. The IQAir has now been running for over a month now and I have had no sinus congestion at all. The most impressive part is that we keep the air purifier in the living room next to the furnace air intake, and it seems to help the entire house. I highly recommend this product.”
W. Lynch, Fort McMurray, AB

“My IQAir MultiGas GC air purifier is making my life dreamy. Quite literally. I take the machine into my bedroom when I go to sleep and keep my bedroom door shut. No more stuffy nose in the morning or itchy watery eyes. I've been dreaming in my sleep all week, and sleeping so much better. Amazing machine!”
S. Billard, Ottawa, ON

“I've been under attack by an upper respiratory bug for two weeks, not quite over it yet. I've noticed the "orange" warning lights on my IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier for the past several weeks but just didn't feel up to changing the filters. But I was smart enough to order the whole set of filters some months ago. Tonight I changed the two filters that needed changing. Should have done it when the warning lights first showed. I took a really good look at the discarded filters and both were very dirty. No light would shine through them. Hold up a new clean filter to a light and you can see light. The discarded filters were disgustingly dirty and we would have been breathing in that crap 24/7/365 were it not for the IQAir. So...might I have been able to avoid or at least diminish the respiratory insult I was exposed to by changing the filters when the warning light first came on? Perhaps! But by not having a clean filtering system in place, I did myself no favours. Nor did my continuous coughing help my wife who is sick from exposure to my coughing. Lessons learned! I will always have a complete set of filters available to be used immediately as needed. It is easy to take the IQAir and the benefits produced for granted...but not by me anymore! Thanks for being in business!”
Brian L, Dundas ON

“I absolutely LOVE my IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier! Several years ago I lived on the edge of the Vivian Forest in York Region and would go horseback riding really early in the morning. When I woke up Sunday morning, after running the IQAir all night, the room smelled the same as the forest did early in the morning - CLEAN. This is an amazing piece of equipment! And it is so quiet. I used the lowest setting at night, and had to check it several times to ensure it was running because I could not hear the fan. I hope you receive more orders for this system from my friends, because I will be telling them how great it is and how clean my house smells now.”
Gail E., Toronto, ON

“Thank you very much for my two IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifiers. They are absolutely fabulous - easy to set up and get running, easy to understand and a great relief with our BC fires. Thank you again for your great product and for shipping them off so quickly, especially when you were so busy.”
Heather A., Robert’s Creek, BC

“I just wanted to let you know that the air purifiers arrived today. I set them up this afternoon and they are all already making a tremendous difference...I can breathe! Also, I can already tell that the IQAir HealthPro Plus is clearly a superior product. I am so grateful for your help in choosing the right air purifiers for our home, and for the quick delivery. Thank you.”
D. Lemieux, Toronto, ON

“Thank you for the fast shipping of our IQAir HealthPro Plus. It has been working fine and I have noticed a definite improvement in my father's allergy symptoms.”
M. Wong, Richmond, BC

“My wife and I have been looking for an air purifier on and off for the last 2 years and I feel that I have read and read and read until the point of exhaustion that I gave up on the search. Finally after feeling disappointed and complacent, I decided to pick back up the search. I am so glad that we purchased the IQAir HealthPro Plus, it is such a great machine. The air quality in the basement we live in is not too bad, however, I can tell the difference when the machine is on. The air feels lighter somehow. The main reason we wanted the air purifier is for general health reasons, keeping bacteria count down, as well as filtering out cooking smells from the family that lives above us. I am a geek when it comes to technical data and I love that the HealthPro Plus is Swiss-made and how quiet the operation is. We keep it on level 1 when we sleep and the swooshing sound that comes out is very relaxing and does not disturb our sleep. One thing I love about the air purifier is how many different particulates the machine filters. The owner Robert is very nice and personable, I am happy that Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers has a personality behind its machines. I absolutely love making improvements to our health and seeing these comforts translate into great future decisions. Very happy indeed about making this purchase, exceptional and expensive, but worth every penny!!! ”
C Kyrris, Thornhill, ON

“Over the years I have spent more on buying air purifiers from various local stores than the purchase price of our IQAir HealthPro Plus unit. I have been disappointed when I have gone back to the local stores only to find out that they no longer carry that air purifier or the replacement filters. I’m so thankful for my IQAir HealthPro Plus and the service and help from Rob and his professionalism and honesty. I appreciate that the unit comes with all filters installed and ready to go. Thank you Rob for helping people live better.”
Jeff G., Vancouver, BC

“I've had the IQAir MultiGas GC you sold me for well over a year now, and I thought you'd like to know that my young nephew, who is allergic to almost anything that blooms in the summer, is symptom-free when in the same room as the MultiGas. For that matter, so am I.”
David, Navan, Ontario

“I purchased an IQAir HealthPro Plus from you last month, and would like to buy another one. It seems to keep the dander, etc. down in the house. At least that’s what my allergic cat friends are saying!”
Dr. P. Voorneveld, Etobicoke, ON

“I’m absolutely loving the IQAir HealthPro Compact that I purchased from you last year. My sleep has improved, and I use my asthma inhalers significantly less often since it has been running in my bedroom.”
M. Christie, Thunder Bay, ON

“Our purchase of the IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier proved to be worth every penny, with immediate benefits for our 7 year old daughter’s asthma and allergy symptoms. Her constant runny nose was gone within a day of setting up this air purifier, and her dry and itchy skin has cleared up significantly. Needless to say, we are very pleased with how effectively the IQAir works. Aside from the health benefits, the emotional and psychological well-being of our family of four has been maintained! You see, we love our two dogs, a Shih-Tzu, and a Maltese, which are key sources of allergens, along with the pollen and snow mould that our dogs track into the house. Faced with the thought of finding another home for our dogs was emotionally crushing to our family. However, with the IQAir HealthPro Plus, these sources of allergens no longer present a problem. My daughter now breathes freely and unlaboured during the day and in her sleep, and our two dogs, Buddy and Snoopy remain a part of our happy family. I highly recommend this product to any family faced with similar health challenges.”
R. Fong, Calgary, AB

“I highly recommend the IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier. There's no doubt that it is working hard in this open [office] space, as we all notice a huge difference in air quality whenever we have to go to another floor. We have the cleanest air in the entire building! I let it run on the 2nd level and if I suddenly smell a fragrance or other chemical, I turn it up a few levels. The reason I’m contacting you is to purchase a second IQAir unit for our office.”
M. Brunet, Ottawa, ON

“After doing some research and discussing our issues with Robert, we decided to purchase an IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier for our bedroom. We liked it so much that, less than a month later, we purchased a second unit for the family room/kitchen area. When Robert came to deliver the second unit he performed an air analysis and we noticed that the particles in our entire home had dropped significantly. If you are considering purchasing an air purifier, I strongly recommend that you give Robert a call. With his professionalism and knowledge, he will suggest the best unit for you.”
M. Levac, Orleans, ON

“Thank you again for your assistance and research into the best solution for the air in our home. The IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier arrived in good order on Friday and is already making a difference in reducing my asthma symptoms. We will be recommending you to our friends.”
Brent and Patti E, ON

“My husband and I purchased an IQAir HealthPro Plus from you and we absolutely love it! It really has helped me with my allergies (two dogs in our condo and a baby on the way). Thanks so much.”
A. Lussier, Ottawa, ON

“Just wanted to say what a difference the two IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifiers have made for us. The odour and stale air are completely gone.”
K. Vestre, Drayton Valley, AB

“I replaced the PreMax Pre-Filter in my IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier tonight and could not believe the amount of stuff captured by the old filter. What a machine! No wonder we breathe so easily.”
P. Greenberg, Toronto, ON

“I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchase from you. I’ve been using my IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier for nearly three weeks now and can certainly attest to a vast improvement in my breathing comfort. Although I’ve always been fussy about maintaining a clean environment, particularly in the bedroom, I would still wake up several times each night all stuffed up and unable to breathe thru my nose. This pattern has gone on for many years. The change for me after using the IQAir has truly been dramatic! I’m finding I’m so comfortable thru the night and therefore more rested and refreshed each a.m. My husband (who doesn't suffer with any particular sensitivities) seems to feel more rested as well - perhaps in part because I'm sleeping so much better. I feel this has been a great purchase for me and would recommend that anyone suffering from environmental sensitivities or other breathing ailments, give it some serious thought”
J. Hutchinson, Newmarket, ON

“We are very pleased with our IQAir HealthPro Plus air filter system. We live beside a busy road in Toronto and appreciate the fresh air in our apartment!”
P. Pasternak, Toronto, ON

“I didn’t realize how much my IQAir HealthPro air purifier was doing for me until the filters expired. I (and my sinuses) am very much looking forward to the delivery of the new filters!”
S. Bacadea, Whitehorse, YT

I started with the Austin HealthMate Jr. in my bedroom, bought another for the other bedroom and then the IQAir HealthPro Plus for the main area of the apartment. It was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I highly recommend these air purifiers to anyone with similar problems.

I still have to do a little light dusting of the furniture and vacuum once a week, but I also live in an old apartment building that distributes an extraordinary amount of dust through the ventilation system. Still, there is significantly less dust build-up than before I bought these air purifiers. I'd say about 85% less. This reduction allows me to stay on top of the remaining dust problem easily. This is as close to a resolution as I could have hoped for.

Thanks so much for your help Robert. The fact that I am no longer inhaling so many pollutants into my lungs has not escaped my notice either. Cleaner air allows me to breathe more deeply. Now I can’t wait to find out if the IQAir HealthPro Plus has the same effect on viruses. Not getting sick so often this winter would be the icing on the cake!”
H. Holden, Toronto ON

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