Nail and Hair Salons

Employees and patrons of nail, hair and beauty salons are constantly exposed to toxic airborne chemicals, dangerous fine particles and a variety of unpleasant odours. Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers carries a selection of specialized air purifiers designed to effectively remove odours and airborne by-products from dyes, peroxide, perm solutions, solvents, polishes, fragrances, drying agents, filing dust and many other common salon hazards, creating a healthier indoor air environment. This can help to encourage return visits from clients, reduce staff turnover and sick days, and generally make your salon a more pleasant place to work.

Some of the hazardous chemicals found in nail salons include:

Some of the chemicals of concern in hair and beauty salons include:

Make your business a healthier and happier place for both your customers and employees, and set yourself apart from the competition, by providing a better indoor air environment through the use of specialized air purifiers. Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers offers expert advice, outstanding products, great prices and unparalleled customer service. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the products we sell so that you can buy with confidence. Contact us today!

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