Choosing an Air Purifier: Buyer Beware

The term “buyer beware” is especially relevant when it comes to choosing an air purifier. Although you may see air purifiers at your local hardware or department store selling for under $300, or ones advertised through slick television infomercials, there are significant differences between those units and the high-quality Austin Air, Blueair, AllerAir, Oransi and IQAir air purifiers that we sell.

High quality vs cheap air purifiers

Substandard / Low-Cost Air Purifiers High-Quality Air Purifiers
May have under-powered motors that fail to move large enough volumes of air to properly clean a room Have powerful motors capable of performing 6 to 8 complete air exchanges per hour to fully clean the entire room
May have inferior designs that allow contaminated air entering the unit to bypass the filter system and return into the room without being cleaned Have properly sealed and gasketed air filtration systems to ensure that all of the air entering the unit passes through the filters and is thoroughly cleaned
Usually lack a pre-filter, resulting in more frequent changes of the expensive HEPA filter and carbon material due to clogging Include a pre-filter to extend the life of the HEPA filter and carbon material, or have main filters that are reasonably priced
May contain filters labelled as “HEPA-type,” “HEPA-like” or “99% HEPA,” which do not meet industry standards and are less effective at removing particles Have true medical-grade HEPA filters or use better-than-HEPA technology to meet or exceed the industry standard of removing 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns
May offer little or no protection from chemically-reactive gases and dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) Contain activated carbon to remove harmful gases and chemical fumes, with many units having impregnated carbon to adsorb VOCs like formaldehyde more effectively
May contain so little carbon (sometimes only a few ounces sprayed onto a mesh filter), that it could be depleted in just a few weeks Contain some of the largest amounts of activated carbon on the market, making them effective against airborne gases, chemicals and odours for years
Can produce ozone, a known lung irritant and asthma trigger (e.g., negative ion, electrostatic and ozone air purifiers) Do not emit ozone – in fact, our air purifiers actually reduce the amount of ozone in your indoor air
Can generate toxic off-gassing due to low-grade plastic housings and inferior components Do not off-gas because they have all-metal housings with powder-coated finishes, or are made from ABS plastic that is ultraviolet-stabilized and contains no halogen or heavy metals
May contain substandard components that compromise product quality and reliability Are built from high-grade components to offer exceptional reliability and satisfaction for many years
May have higher operating costs over the life of the unit due to more frequent filter changes and greater power consumption Have lower operating costs as the filters need to be changed less often and/or the units consume less power
Require filters or accessories that may be difficult to find or unavailable due to frequent model changes and discontinuations Have been made for years, with filters and accessories readily available
Have poor warranties resulting in costly repairs or having to purchase a replacement unit after only a couple years Come with the best warranties in the business, i.e., 5 to 10 years for most models

The sad truth is that many substandard or low-priced air purifiers simply don’t clean the air. If you are serious about improving your overall indoor air quality, or are buying a unit for health-related reasons (e.g., to help control tobacco smoke, alleviate allergy symptoms or provide some relief from environmental illnesses), we strongly urge you to invest in a high-quality unit and to learn all the facts before making a purchase.

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