Blueair Classic 405 Air Purifier

Effective Allergen Relief for Mid-Size Rooms

  • The Blueair Classic 405 is the older version of Blueair’s Classic 480i air purifier, and will be available while supplies last
  • More cost-effective to purchase and maintain, the Blueair Classic 405 offers the same outstanding room coverage, quiet operation and particle capture performance as the state-of-the-art 480i model
  • Provides 8 complete air exchanges per hour in a 265 sq. ft. area for cleanroom quality air
  • Effectively removes ultra-fine particulates down to 0.1 microns, including dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and airborne pathogens
  • The 405 comes equipped with Blueair’s standard particle filter so it does not handle chemicals, gases and odours unless you also purchase Blueair's DualProtection Filters here
  • The Blueair 405 air purifier is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to remotely control the unit’s multitude of functions from your smart device, however, the 405 lacks the 480i's onboard sensors that detect and report on air quality in the room

Blueair Classic 405 – Product Description
Blueair Classic 405 – Filtration System
Blueair Classic 405 – Operational Details
Blueair Classic 405 – Construction and Measurements
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Blueair Classic 405 - Replacement Filters

Blueair Classic 405 Air Purifier

Blueair Classic 405
Air Purifier

Price: $799.00 CAD

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The Blueair Classic 405 air purifier is the same as the new Classic 480i model (see full product description here), except that it does not come with Blueair’s new DualProtection filter or have the built-in air quality monitoring system. Aside from this, the Blueair 405 offers the same effective particle cleaning, advanced features, low power consumption and room coverage as the 480i.

The standard Blueair particle filter supplied with the Blueair 405 will do a stellar job of removing allergens from the air, but does not have the ability to capture chemicals, gases or odours. However, the DualProtection filter can be purchased separately for the Blueair 405 if your requirements change down the road (e.g., you move into a new/renovated house or a smoker rents the apartment next door).

The Blueair Classic 405 air purifier is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to control the unit’s functions remotely via your smart phone by downloading Blueair’s app. However, the Blueair 405 does not have the 480i's built-in air quality monitor.

To sum up, if you're only concerned with removing particles from the air, and are not interested in the onboard air quality monitoring system, then the Blueair 405 will save you $100 off the price of the 480i, and replacement filters will be half the price!

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Pre-Filter None
Particle Filtration System Non-toxic, non-woven gradient polypropylene filter media, capable of trapping 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 microns
Type of Filters Available Particle
DualProtection (optional)
Number of Filters Required 1
Type of Carbon Media Particle: None
DualProtection: Woven activated carbon cloth made from 100% pure coconut carbon
Average Filter Life 6 months
Estimated Filter Replacement Costs Particle: $90 (or $80 if a Twin-Pack is purchased)
DualProtection: $162 (or $149 if a Twin-Pack is purchased)
UV Lamp Not available
Average UV Lamp Life N/A
UV Bulb Replacement Cost N/A
Room Coverage in sq. ft.**
(on High Speed Setting)
2 air exchanges/hr: 1060
4 air exchanges/hr:   530
6 air exchanges/hr:   350
8 air exchanges/hr:   265
Air Flow Rate**
(on High Speed Setting)
280 cubic ft. per min.
Air Intake On right side of unit
Air Output On left side of unit
Ozone Emission None
Decibel Level 32 dB (low) to 52 dB (high)
Voltage 115/60Hz
Power Consumption 15 watts (low) – 90 watts (high)
Cord Length 5 feet
Safety Approvals CSA/UL approved
Motor Ultra-quiet, Energy Star qualified
Speed 3 control settings
Housing Construction All-steel with baked-on powder-coated finish
Filter Access Front panel door easily opens to facilitate filter changes. No tools required.
Maneuverability Built-in hand grips on both sides of unit
Dimensions 23” (height) x 20” (width) x 11” (depth)
Operating Weight 33 lbs.
Shipping Weight Approx. 37 lbs.
Wi-Fi Enabled Yes
App Compatible Yes
Remote Control Yes (through smartphone with Blueair's app)
Filter Life Monitor Yes
Programmable Timer No
Optional Accessories None
Warranty 5 years upon registration with Blueair within 60 days of purchase and if filters are replaced with authentic Blueair filters on schedule as per the user manual, 1 year otherwise
Place Manufactured China
Colour Neutral off-white/dark grey
** An Important Word on Air Flow Rates and Room Coverage for the Blueair Classic 405 Air Purifier:

Many retailers and manufacturers overstate maximum room coverage figures by calculating them with air flow rates measured without filters installed (i.e., fan output) or with too low a number of air exchanges per hour to properly clean the room. Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers believes in stating the actual delivered air flow rates for the air purifiers we sell, as well as realistic room coverage figures calculated at effective air cleaning levels. Accordingly, we recommend that the Blueair 405 be used in rooms of up to 265 sq. ft. (for premium cleaning) or 530 sq. ft. (for general purpose filtration).

Note that air purifier performance should not be judged by air flow rates and room maximums alone. Many features that make an air purifier more effective at cleaning the air actually reduce the air flow rate. For example, higher grade HEPA filters, well-sealed filtration systems and large amounts of carbon all increase air resistance and reduce delivered air flow rates.
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