Blueair Protect Air Purifiers - 7470i and 7770i

Blueair's Most Advanced Air Cleaning Systems

  • Combines four state-of-the-art technologies for the ultimate in protection, performance, functionality and energy efficiency
  • Features Blueair's new HEPASilent Ultra filtration technology, capable of capturing 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns, while delivering 50% more clean air and using 55% less energy than traditional HEPA air purifiers
  • Wide-spectrum filter also contains activated carbon to adsorb VOCs and other gaseous pollutants
  • GermShield technology monitors the room 24/7, using plasma charging and a gentle stream of air to deactivate viruses and prevent bacterial growth on the filter when germ-prone conditions are detected1
  • Premium LCD-display shows PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 particle readings, live VOC levels, room temperature and humidity, as well as filter life and status of air purifier functions
  • Auto Mode permits the air purifier to automatically adjust the airflow rate based on sensor readings of pollutant levels in the room
  • SpiralAir technology features air outlets that are engineered to deliver omni-directional outflow so that clean air is quickly delivered to every part of the room
  • Innovative new SmartFilter uses an RFID smart chip to monitor filter status in real-time, with the unit's advanced filter-life algorithm calculating the remaining lifetime using particle sensor data, fan speed and estimated filter loading
  • Filter is fitted with pull tabs to permit contact-less filter changes and folds closed book-style to ensure that pollutants are sealed inside
  • Whisper-silent operation and Energy Star rated for super-low power consumption – a mere 8 watts on the lowest fan speed
  • Can be voice-controlled with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and remotely operated via any smart device paired with the Blueair App. App also enables unique features such as the “Welcome Home" function and "CleanAir Countdown”
  • 7770i model offers an impressive 844 sq. ft. room coverage (at 4 air exchanges per hour), while the smaller 7470i model covers 525 sq. ft.

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Blueair Protect 7470i Air Purifier
Blueair Protect 7770i air purifier

Blueair Protect 7470i

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Blueair Protect 7770i

Price: $1229.99 CAD

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Blueair Protect 7470i and 7770i


If you could put a price tag on peace of mind, then the new Blueair Protect 7470i and 7770i air purifiers are truly a bargain. Blueair’s most technologically advanced air cleaning systems to date, Protect air purifiers feature three state-of-the-art technologies and a plethora of cutting-edge features to provide unrivaled air cleaning performance, protection, functionality and energy efficiency. Breathing cleaner air has never been more important for your health and – as the name suggests – Blueair Protect air purifiers are here to do just that.

At the heart of the Blueair Protect 7470i and 7770i air purifiers is Blueair’s new HEPASilent Ultra Filtration System. Like other Blueair air purifiers, this system combines electrostatic and mechanical filtration to trap particles 0.1 microns and larger at 99.97% effectiveness. However, in their quest to create the ultimate cleaning machine, Blueair’s engineers redesigned the filtration system for the Protect 7470i and 7770i from the ground up. The new HEPASilent Ultra system enables the Protect units to deliver 50% more ultra-clean air, while using 55% less energy than standard HEPA air purifiers. Energy Star rated, Blueair Protect air purifiers use a mere 8 watts of electricity on their low fan speed setting.

The ability to capture particles 3 times smaller than a medical-grade HEPA filter can enables the Blueair Protect 7470i and 7770i air purifiers to effectively remove harmful fine particles such as tobacco and wildfire smoke particulates, traffic emissions, cooking oil smoke, fine aerosols, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens from the air (in addition to traditional allergens such as dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, and dust mite by-products).

But the innovation doesn’t end there. Blueair’s game-changing GermShield technology – found exclusively in the Protect family of air purifiers – deactivates 99%2 of the germs trapped in the filter! The GermShield monitors your room 24/7, even when the air purifier is on standby, and goes to work when germ-prone conditions are detected, deactivating potentially infectious pathogens in the filter media and preventing bacterial growth.

Unlike many air purifiers that only push clean air out in one direction, the Blueair Protect 7470i and 7770i air purifiers feature another Blueair exclusive – SpiralAir technology. The SpiralAir outlets in Protect air purifiers are uniquely engineered to provide omni-directional airflow into the room, with outlets running along the entire length and across the top of the air purifier on both sides. This ensures that your entire space is filled with ultra-clean air as quickly as possible.

Blueair Protect Air Purifier Features

Both the Blueair Protect 7470i and 7770i air purifiers are fitted with Blueair’s new SmartFilter. This V-shaped folding filter was designed with both performance and safety in mind, featuring a large surface area for maximum collection of pollutants and pull tags that allow for contactless filter changes. Putting the “smart” into the SmartFilter is an RFID smart chip that monitors the status of the filter in real time and automatically resets the unit’s filter indicator when the filter is changed. The SmartFilter also enables Blueair Protect air purifiers to accurately estimate the remaining filter life using an advanced algorithm that takes into account particulate levels in the room (from particle sensor data), airflow rates during the time the filter was used (based on fan usage) and estimated filter loading. Wow, that really is a SmartFilter!

Filter life for the Blueair Protect 7470i and 7770i air purifiers can run up to 12 months (vs. 6 months for Blueair Classic air purifiers), due in part to two permanent, cleanable pre-filters that pop-out for quick and easy maintenance. And while Classic units require the additional purchase of the DualProtection filter for chemical/gas adsorption, the Protect SmartFilter does it all, with natural coconut activated carbon incorporated throughout the filter to adsorb gaseous pollutants such as traffic fumes, tobacco and wood smoke toxins and harmful VOC off-gassing.

The Blueair Protect 7470i and 7770i units (i.e., the 70 models) both feature a premium LCD display panel on top of the air purifier that is not available on the other Protect models (i.e., the 10 models - 7410i and 7710i). This provides detailed real-time updates on your room air quality based on readings from Blueair’s advanced SmartSensor system. The Protect 7470i and 7770i are the first Blueair air purifiers to provide particle readouts by particle size to provide deeper insights into any air quality issues you may be experiencing. Readouts available on the LCD panel include:

  • PM10 (Coarse Particles) – e.g., settling dust, pollen, mold spores, plant spores, textile dust.
  • PM2.5 (Fine Particles) – e.g., pet dander, house dust, vehicle exhaust, wood burning, industrial emissions, respiratory droplets, some bacteria.
  • PM1 (Ultra-Fine Particles) – e.g., suspended dust, cooking particles, wildfire smoke, tobacco smoke, smog, carbon black dust, cat allergens, some bacteria, fungal fragments.
  • Total VOC Gases (tVOC) – current and historical total VOC readings. Sources of harmful VOCs in the home include personal care products, household cleansers and detergents, hand sanitizer, air fresheners, construction materials, paint, glues/adhesives, stoves/cooking, candles and many others.
  • Temperature (C/F) and Relative Humidity
  • Filter Life – counts down the remaining filter life from 100% (new) to 0% (depleted).
  • Status Bar – provides an indication of your overall air quality at a glance, with an intuitive 5-colour display indicating present conditions (progressing from blue for excellent air quality to red for very poor air quality).

The Blueair Protect 7470i and 7770i boast high airflow rates that translate into remarkable room coverage when compared with most other air purifier brands. This is particularly true of the top-of-the-line Protect 7770i, which can provide an impressive 4 complete air exchanges per hour in an 844 sq. ft. area. Three selectable fan speed settings allow you to manually control airflow, while Auto Mode triggers step-less fan speed adjustments in response to detected pollutant levels in the room (i.e., fan speed is automatically increased until the sensors indicate that the air is clean).

Downloading the Blueair App unlocks a number of other features that are only available through the App, including remote operation of your Protect air purifier, CleanAir Countdown, ChildLock and Welcome Home, which puts your unit on standby when you leave and ensures you are greeted with clean air when you return home. The Blueair Protect 7470i and 7770i air purifiers are also designed to work with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant enabled devices using voice control.

Made of galvanized steel and high-impact plastic, Blueair Protect Series air purifiers are designed to not only look great, but to be durable and long-lasting as well. “Nice touch” construction features include hidden trolley wheels for easy mobility and a cable winder to ensure that excess cord is kept out of sight.

To sum up, the Blueair Protect 7470i and 7770i are truly the most sophisticated air purifiers on the market today, offering powerful and effective wide-spectrum air cleaning with advanced pathogen control for medium to large living spaces. A must for healthcare facilities, schools and anyone looking for the ultimate in protection for their homes.

According to the EPA,“when used properly, air purifiers can help reduce airborne contaminants including viruses in a home or confined space.3

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Pre-Filter Two permanent, pop-out cleanable pre-filters
HEPA Filter Non-toxic, non-woven gradient polypropylene filter media, capable of trapping 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 microns
Surface Area of HEPA Media 7470i: 28 sq. ft.
7770i: 34 sq. ft.
Type of Carbon Media Activated natural coconut carbon
Pathogen Control GermShield technology monitors the room and deactivates germs trapped in the filter using low air draft and plasma charging when germ-prone conditions are present
Average Filter Life 6 to 12 months
Estimated Filter Replacement Costs 7470i: $90
7770i: $120
UV Lamp No
Room Coverage in sq. ft.**
(on High Speed Setting)
2 air exchanges per hr: 1050 / 1688   (7470i / 7770i)
4 air exchanges per hr:  525 / 844
6 air exchanges per hr:  350 / 562
8 air exchanges per hr:  262 / 422
Air Flow Rates
(on High Speed Setting)**
7470i: 280 cubic ft. per min.
7770i: 450 cubic ft. per min.
Air Intake Sides of unit
Air Output 360 degrees
Ozone Emission None
Decibel Level 7470i: 22 to 45 dB
7770i: 25 to 53 dB
Voltage 120/60Hz
Power Consumption 7470i: 8 to 48 watts
7770i: 8 to 76 watts
Cord Length 6 ft with cable winder to store away excess cord length
Safety Approvals EC, ETL, California Air Resources Board
Motor Ultra-quiet, Energy Star rated
Speed 3 manual control speed settings, or variable speed operation in Auto mode
Housing Construction Galvanized steel with baked-on powder-coated finish and high-impact plastic
Filter Access Magnetic side panel swings open for easy filter changes. No tools required
Maneuverability Built-in trolley wheels
Dimensions 7470i: 27.2" (height) x 11.8" (width) x 11.8" (depth)
7770i: 33.9" (height) x 13.4" (width) x 13.4" (depth)
Operating Weight 7470i: 27.6 lbs.
7770i: 43.2 lbs.
Shipping Weight 7470i: Approx. 33 lbs.
7770i: Approx 49 lbs.
Wi-Fi Enabled Yes
App Compatible Yes
Remote Control Yes (via smartphone with Blueair's free app)
Filter Life Monitor Yes
Programmable Timer Yes
Warranty 5 years upon registration with Blueair within 60 days of purchase and if filters are replaced with authentic Blueair filters on schedule as per the user manual, 1 year otherwise
Place Manufactured China
Colour White offset with black SpiralAir outlets and top control panel


“We were impressed right from the get-go with the Blueair Protect 7770i we purchased from you. Even the packaging was impressive! Very simplistic, but everything had a functional purpose (i.e. the lifting handle cut-out in the cardboard wrapped around the product, perfectly balanced around the centre of gravity) - as you can probably tell, I appreciate this kind of stuff! Once functioning, we’ve been thoroughly impressed with how sensitive the air quality sensors are. I’ve “played around” a bit by holding different odours up to the sensor inlets, and was quite surprised at how quickly the unit reacted when in auto mode. The design of the unit is quite nice as well. Great on-board interface and a very nicely designed mobile app with historic data on measured PM and tVOC concentrations. Thank you again - we appreciate your professionalism and knowledge greatly!”
Max B., Brampton, ON

“We ordered a BlueAir Protect 7770i air purifier from Modern Alchemy for my father in BC. Illness had made his breathing difficult, and when high levels of smoke became the norm in his area, the situation became even more serious. The Blueair Protect 7770i is doing a great job of keeping the air clean at their home. The color display on the air purifier indicates when an open door allows in smoky air, as well as when the particles have been removed from the air. The fan automatically speeds up when necessary, and it is very quiet.

We greatly appreciate the experience and service we have had with Modern Alchemy. When the courier that accepted the contract to deliver the air purifier refused to deliver it because their staff said the address was out of town, we spent many frustrating hours on the phone over several days, until Robert at Modern Alchemy and his staff were able to make the delivery happen. The two BlueAir air purifiers we have bought from them (we have a Blueair 605 ourselves), have given us and our extended family cleaner air to breathe, which was crucial given the need for high air quality.”
Debby T., Edmonton, AB

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** An Important Word on Air Flow Rates and Room Coverage for the Blueair Protect 7470i and 7770i Air Purifiers:

Many retailers and manufacturers overstate maximum room coverage figures by calculating them with air flow rates measured without filters installed (i.e., fan output) or with too low a number of air exchanges per hour to properly clean the room. Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers believes in stating the actual delivered air flow rates for the air purifiers we sell, as well as realistic room coverage figures calculated at effective air cleaning levels. Accordingly, we recommend that the Blueair Protect 7470i air purifier be used in rooms of up to 262 sq. ft. (for premium cleaning) or 525 sq. ft. (for general purpose filtration), and the Protect 7770i in rooms up to 442 sq. ft. (for premium cleaning) or 844 sq. ft. (for general purpose filtration).

Note that air purifier performance should not be judged by air flow rates and room maximums alone. Many features that make an air purifier more effective at cleaning the air actually reduce the air flow rate. For example, higher grade HEPA filters, well-sealed filtration systems and large amounts of carbon all increase air resistance and reduce delivered air flow rates.
1Tested on Staphylococcus Albus (bacteria), MS2 bacteriophage (virus) and E. coli (bacteria). 2Test result is for bacteria. 3‘Will an air cleaner or air purifier help protect me and my family from COVID-19 in my home?’ EPA, January 12, 2021
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