Blueair Pro XL Air Purifier

The New Standard in High-End Air Purification

  • Star performer of Blueair’s new line of Pro air purifiers, the Swedish-built Pro XL is the only choice for extra-large homes, open concept offices, warehouses, museums/galleries, document storage facilities and other commercial spaces
  • Three powerful, energy-efficient fans deliver record-breaking clean air delivery rates in a compact unit that requires only 10” x 20” of floor space
  • Able to effectively clean spaces of up to 1860 sq. ft. at 4 complete air exchanges per hour, or an incredible 3720 sq. ft. for less polluted spaces
  • Three slim V-shaped particle filters containing a total of 78 sq. ft. of filtration media offer superior particulate matter collection without impeding airflow, removing 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns
  • Better than HEPA performance makes the Pro XL ideal for capturing tiny printer and photocopier particles, mold spores and bacteria from building air ducts, industrial emissions and other fine particulates
  • Optional Gas & Odour (GO) SmokeStop filters contain granular activated carbon to adsorb gaseous pollutants such as combustion gases from HVAC systems, toxic fumes from manufacturing processes, ozone from office equipment, and VOC off-gassing from new flooring, paint, furniture, etc.
  • Optional Carbon+ filters can be used instead of the GO SmokeStop filters if light chemical/gas adsorption is sufficient. Can also be added to a unit equipped with SmokeStop filters for even better chemical capture
  • Built-in particle and gas sensors continually monitor air quality and can be set to automatically control the unit’s operation
  • Energy Star rated, using only 33 watts of power on the lowest setting, i.e., less than the average light bulb
  • Environmentally friendly, with zero ozone emission, recyclable components and biodegradable filters

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Blueair Pro XL Air Purifier

Blueair Pro XL
Air Purifier

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High-capacity performance, ingenious engineering and superior styling make the Swedish-built Blueair Pro XL air purifier the new industry standard in high-end air purification. Boasting three times the fan power of its nearest competitor, yet with ultra-quiet operation and low power consumption, the Blueair Pro XL is a true innovation in air purifier design. Despite its compact footprint (only 10” x 20” of floor space required), the three powerful, energy-efficient fans in the Pro XL air purifier deliver outstanding air cleaning performance in spaces of up to 1840 sq. ft., achieving results never believed possible for one air purifier alone. Engineered for pure performance, the Blueair Pro XL air purifier encompasses state-of-the-art features such as onboard sensors to continuously monitor air quality and a modular filtration system that allows you to customize the air purifier to your specific needs.

The Blueair Pro XL air purifier features HEPASilent® technology that marries the best in electrostatic and mechanical filtration. As contaminated air is drawn into the Pro XL by three ultra-silent fans, an encapsulated particle charging chamber imparts an electrical charge to the particles, helping them to adhere to the polypropylene fibres of the subsequent mechanical particle filters. This revolutionary technology helps the Blueair Pro XL to deliver better air cleaning results when compared to mechanical or electrostatic technologies alone. Even on its lowest fan speed setting, the Blueair Pro XL air purifier captures 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns in size (three times smaller than the particles handled by traditional medical-grade HEPA filters).

Three newly-designed particle filters are at the heart of the Blueair Pro XL air purifier. These unique V-shaped filters are thinner and offer less air resistance than Blueair's regular filters, resulting in maximum airflow with minimal noise. Containing a remarkable 78 sq. ft. of filtration media, the Pro XL’s particle filters are built to sustain high-volume particle collection, even towards the end of the filter life. Each filter consists of millions of ultra-thin fibres of different shapes and sizes that are interwoven to create a unique progressive design. Pollutants are captured at different stages within the filter, with the earlier layers trapping larger particles such as dust, pollen and mould spores, and subsequent stages capturing ultra-fine particles such as combustion particles from HVAC systems, printer and copier emissions and airborne bacteria.

While the standard Blueair Pro XL air purifier equipped with particle filters is the best choice for those who are concerned about fine particulates, those seeking additional protection from hazardous chemicals, toxic gases and unpleasant odours should purchase the optional Blueair Pro XL Gas & Odour (GO) SmokeStop filters.

The optional Blueair Pro XL Gas & Odour (GO) SmokeStop filters provide the same outstanding level of particle filtration that the Pro XL particle filters do, but also contain granular activated carbon for wide-spectrum chemical, gas and odour control. The Pro XL GO Smokestop filters contain 5.1 lbs. of coconut shell activated carbon impregnated with magnesium dioxide and copper oxide, providing additional safeguards from gaseous toxins (e.g., combustion gases from HVAC systems, toxic emissions from manufacturing processes, vehicle exhaust from indoor parking garages, ozone from office equipment and VOC off-gassing from new flooring, paint, furniture and building materials). In home environments, the Pro XL air purifier equipped with SmokeStop filters is also highly effective against tobacco and wood smoke toxins (e.g., from fireplaces/woodstoves, wildfires).

Optional Carbon+ filters can also be used alongside the GO SmokeStop filters to tackle environments with heavier chemical and gas pollutants. These filters contain an additional 1.5 lbs. of impregnated activated carbon, which act as a pre-filter for chemicals and gases before they enter the main filters. The Carbon+ filters can also be added to the standard Pro XL air purifier (i.e., with particle filters) for light gas and odour control, however, we strongly recommend using the GO SmokeStop filters if gases, chemicals and odours are a major concern.

The filters in the Blueair Pro XL air purifier are made of polypropylene, an environmentally responsible synthetic, which breaks down into carbon dioxide and water as it decomposes. This filter material is non-toxic and naturally hydrophobic, inhibiting bacteria, virus and mould growth without the need for chemical additives or washes.

To maintain optimal air cleaning performance and ensure warranty coverage, the filters in the Blueair Pro XL must be replaced every 6 months. The convenient filter replacement light on the top display panel of the Blueair Pro XL will indicate when it's time to change the filters. The filters can easily be replaced by pulling off the magnetic side grill, removing the old filters, sliding the new ones in and replacing the grill. Nothing could be easier!

Despite its three powerful fans and unparalleled air cleaning capacity, the Blueair Pro XL air purifier is Energy Star rated and will have minimal impact on your electrical bill, using a mere 33 watts on the lowest setting.

Unlike conventional electrostatic air cleaners, the Blueair Pro XL releases absolutely no ozone or ozone by-products, making it completely safe for those who suffer from allergies, asthma and respiratory issues. In fact, independent laboratory tests verify that the concentration of ozone coming out of the air cleaner is much lower than that going in.

The Blueair Pro XL air purifier has been designed from the ground up with quietness in mind, offering you the luxury of silence in a powerful air cleaning machine. The low-resistance filters are key to the Pro XL’s ultra-quiet operation, while the galvanized steel over plastic housing helping to muffle any noise that is produced. On its lowest fan speed setting, the Blueair Pro XL air purifier produces a sound equivalent to that of a quiet library, while on high speed, it is comparable to many competing brands on low.

The Blueair Pro XL features three manually operated fan speed settings for full control over air flow rates and cleaning performance, all controlled via the sleek top control panel. The top-of-the-line Pro XL air purifier is also equipped with Blueair’s exclusive Air Intelligence Module (AIM), which allows the unit to continuously monitor your indoor air quality. With the Blueair Pro XL air purifier set to “auto mode,” state-of-the-art onboard optic laser and ceramic sensors check the air continuously for particles and gases, automatically adjusting the fan speed to effortlessly control pollutants and deliver the optimal amount of clean air.

With its sleek design and compact footprint, the Blueair Pro XL air purifier offers a quiet solution to your high-capacity air cleaning needs. Designed for open-layout commercial environments, the Blueair Pro XL is an excellent choice for large open offices, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, storage facilities, museums and galleries, libraries, archives and document storage rooms, extra-large electronic equipment rooms, hotel lobbies and penthouses, atriums and auditoriums, and public areas in retirement homes. It can also be used on the main floor in extra-large homes. The Blueair Pro XL air purifier is neutral white in colour with a dark grey top and sides, making it blend easily into any home or office décor.

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Pre-Filter None
Particle Filtration System Non-toxic polypropylene filter media, capable of trapping 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 microns
Surface Area of Filtration Media 78 sq. ft.
Types of Filters Available Particle
GO SmokeStop (optional)
Carbon+ (optional)
Number of Filters Required 3
Type of Carbon Media Particle: None
GO SmokeStop: Specially blended granular activated carbon impregnated with magnesium dioxide and copper oxide
Carbon+: Specially blended granular activated carbon impregnated with magnesium dioxide and copper oxide
Carbon Weight Particle: N/A
GO SmokeStop: 5.1 lbs.
Carbon+: 1.5 lbs.
Surface Area of Carbon Media Particle: N/A
GO SmokeStop: 638 acres
Carbon+: 188 acres
Average Filter Life Particle: 6 months
GO SmokeStop: 6 months
Carbon+: 6 months
Estimated Filter Replacement Costs Particle: $225 (set of 3) or $195 if a Twin-Pack is purchased
GO SmokeStop: $420 (set of 3) or $370 if a Twin-Pack is purchased
Carbon+: $195 (set of 3) or $165 if a Twin-Pack is purchased
UV Lamp Not available
Average UV Lamp Life N/A
UV Bulb Replacement Cost N/A
Room Coverage in sq. ft.**
(on High Speed Setting)
2 air exchanges/hr:    3720
4 air exchanges/hr:    1860
6 air exchanges/hr:    1230
8 air exchanges/hr:     930
Air Flow Rate**
(on High Speed Setting)
980 cubic ft. per min.
Air Intake On right side of unit
Air Output On left side of unit
Ozone Emission None
Decibel Level 32 dB (low) to 58 dB (high)
Voltage 120/60Hz
Power Consumption 33 watts (low) – 256 watts (high)
Cord Length 5 feet
Safety Approvals CSA/UL approved
Motor 3 powerful, energy-efficient fans, ultra-quiet, Energy Star qualified
Speed 3 manually operated control settings, plus auto
Housing Construction Galvanized steel over plastic with baked-on powder-coated finish
Filter Access Magnetic side grill easily lifts out to facilitate filter changes. No tools required.
Maneuverability Built-in hand grips on both sides of unit
Dimensions 44” (height) x 20” (width) x 10” (depth)
Operating Weight Particle: 66 lbs.
GO SmokeStop: 71 lbs.
Shipping Weight Particle: Approx. 70 lbs.
GO SmokeStop: Approx. 75 lbs.
Wi-Fi Enabled No
Friend App Compatible No
Remote Control No
Filter Life Monitor Yes
Programmable Timer No
Optional Accessories None
Warranty 5 years upon registration with Blueair within 60 days of purchase and if filters are replaced with authentic Blueair filters on schedule as per the user manual, 1 year otherwise
Place Manufactured Sweden
Colour Neutral white/dark grey sides and top


“Thank you for the Blueair Pro XL air purification system, it’s working out great!! We had a problem with a manufacturer dumping air into the plenum of our complex. When the air pressure was low, the smell of airborne lacquer would enter our unit. Since installing the Blueair, we have not noticed any smells at all. We have also noticed a significant improvement in purifying the air from our printers. I would highly recommend these units to any office or home environment.” [Note: purchased with Blueair Pro GO SmokeStop filters and C+ filters]
A. Lefebvre, Toronto, ON

“We are using the Blueair Pro XL air purifier in our congregation room of approximately 1,800 sq ft in Vancouver. The air purifier has been operating exceptionally well, we simply turned on the Auto setting and let the machine run on its own!”
Joshua P, Vancouver, BC

“So I’ve always thought of myself as a skeptic of air purifiers. Had heard all these advertisements on TV about how indoor air is somehow much more polluted than outside air. Sounded like scare marketing to me. Then I moved into my new house; just a few days into living there, I noticed my allergies starting to get worse. Tried duct cleaning, but it only made a short improvement (and the house was only a few years old!). Then things got much worse - my Asthma (which I’ve literally owned the same puffer for 10 years for because of how mild it was) started to get bad. Like wake up in the night and give myself 5-puffs bad. I tried everything, but things just kept getting worse. Then my uncle got an air purifier for “COVID reasons”. Seriously? More scare tactics. But his came with some fancy air sensors and he actually thought it was doing something. So I looked into it, and settled on a BlueAir Pro XL (the same brand a CBC marketplace investigation gave great ratings to just a month or two ago!). I have a bigger house with an open staircase to the basement, and this was the machine with the largest coverage, and a great company from what I read online. I figured they’ve got a 30-day return policy; I can try it out, and when it does nothing, I can just return it.

My Blueair Pro XL arrived January 1st. I figured it would take a few days for the air to get cleaned, and for my asthma to get better, but I didn’t expect such a dramatic change. I literally have not used my puffer since January 1st! I took one puff the night the machine arrived, and have been back to my normal self since. This machine was a miracle! I am a physician, and have started recommending air purifiers to patients I see with bad asthma. So I’ve gone from a complete skeptic, to a converted believer. Of course if you don’t have any breathing problems, I don’t know what difference an air purifier might make, but if you’ve got allergies or asthma, make the investment and try it out. Based on what I’ve experienced, this thing can be a life changer. But don’t expect an air purifier to protect you from COVID - it is cleaning the air in the house, but if you’re sitting next to someone shedding the virus, having the machine on isn’t going to save you from catching it ;) ”
R. K., London ON

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** An Important Word on Air Flow Rates and Room Coverage for the Blueair Pro XL Air Purifier:

Many retailers and manufacturers overstate maximum room coverage figures by calculating them with air flow rates measured without filters installed (i.e., fan output) or with too low a number of air exchanges per hour to properly clean the room. Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers believes in stating the actual delivered air flow rates for the air purifiers we sell, as well as realistic room coverage figures calculated at effective air cleaning levels. Accordingly, we recommend that the Blueair Pro XL air purifier be used in rooms of up to 930 sq. ft. (for premium cleaning) or 1860 sq. ft. (for general purpose filtration).

Note that air purifier performance should not be judged by air flow rates and room maximums alone. Many features that make an air purifier more effective at cleaning the air actually reduce the air flow rate. For example, higher grade HEPA filters, well-sealed filtration systems and large amounts of carbon all increase air resistance and reduce delivered air flow rates.
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