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The key to the outstanding performance of Blueair’s high-efficiency air purifiers is Blueair’s patented progressive multi-stage filter system. Replacing the filter(s) in your Blueair unit on schedule is critical to ensuring that your air purifier keeps operating effectively. In fact, you must follow Blueair's recommended filter replacement schedule in order to preserve the manufacturer’s full five-year warranty on most Blueair air cleaners.

Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers stocks the complete line of Blueair replacement filters, including replacement HEPASilent Particle Filters and Gas & Odour (GO) SmokeStop Filters for all current and discontinued Blueair models. We also carry specialized filters (e.g., Sense+, Carbon+), as well as replacement furnace filters in multiple sizes for the Blueair Central Whole-House Filtration System.

Be sure to check out our convenient Blueair filter bundles (i.e., a year’s supply of replacement filters) for the ultimate in value!

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Choose the appropriate Blueair Series from the list below, and click on the link to see the Blueair replacement filters for your unit.

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