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Oransi has been a leader and innovator in the American air purifier industry for more than 15 years, offering some of the best air purifiers on the planet. Oransi air purifiers have won a multitude of “Best Air Purifier” awards and earned rave reviews from both the press and customers alike. With an industry-leading 10-year warranty, exceptional customer service, environmentally responsible manufacturing and pioneering community programs, Oransi has joined the big league alongside the top air purifier brands in the industry. Modern Alchemy is proud to be Oransi’s dealer of choice in Canada.

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Oransi Air Purifier

Oransi mod HEPA
Air Purifier

Oransi Mod HEPA air purifier
Price: $829.00 CAD
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Oransi Air Purifiers
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This Month's Featured
Oransi Air Purifier

Oransi mod jr HEPA
Air Purifier

Oransi mod jr air purifier
Price: $629.00 CAD
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Oransi Max HEPA Air Purifier

Feature-Packed, 4-Stage Allergen Cleaning

Oransi Max HEPA air purifier

Award-winning air purifier with high-tech features, but oh so simple to use. Four independent air cleaning stages make it one of the most comprehensive air cleaners on the market for allergy sufferers. Built-in air quality sensor monitors air quality in the room, and can be set to automatically control the unit to respond instantly to air quality changes. Stylish, quiet and Energy-Star rated.   Oransi Max HEPA details

Price:   $599.00 CAD

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Oransi mod jr HEPA Air Purifier

Elegant and Effective Air Cleaning for Small Spaces

Oransi mod jr HEPA air purifier

Features a MERV 17 medical-grade HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter and a mesh pre-filter combined into one simple filter, with a built-in handle that permits contactless filter changes. Stylish glass interface allows you to precisely set the desired fan speed from ultra-quiet to high speed or anything in-between simply by dragging your finger across the surface. Bottom air draw and top output for superior room air cleaning performance. Ultra-quiet Japanese EC motor and high-quality build construction ensure that this air purifier will last well beyond its industry-leading 10-year warranty.   Oransi mod jr HEPA details

Price:   $629.00 CAD

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Oransi mod HEPA Air Purifier

High Performance Meets Smart Looks

Oransi mod HEPA air purifier

MERV 17 medical-grade HEPA filter captures airborne particulate matter with 99.97%+ effectiveness down to 0.3 microns (99.4% at 0.1 and 0.02 microns). Ideal for removing everything from dust, pollen and mold spores, to more hazardous pollutants like smoke particulates and airborne pathogens. Features a 3-in-1 filter for convenient and economical filter changes. Ultra-quiet thanks to its Japanese EC motor, and Energy Star rated for low power consumption. Attractive glass interface allows for quick and easy adjustments to the variable speed motor for an unlimited choice of fan speeds. Smart design, with the built-in handles allowing for portability and contact-less filter changes.   Oransi mod HEPA details

Price:   $829.00 CAD

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Oransi EJ120 Air Purifier

Powerful and Compact: "The Tesla of Air Purifiers"

Oransi EJ120 Air Purifier

Great room coverage and exceptional performance in a small package. State-of-the-art German EC motor makes this the quietest air purifier that we sell, with the dB level on low speed below measurable levels. 100% sealed filtration system offers outstanding particle and allergen cleaning with over 99.99% effectiveness. Also provides excellent nanoparticle control, with 99.8% effectiveness at 0.1 and 0.02 microns. Pleated activated carbon filter specially treated using a proprietary process to provide unprecedented adsorption of VOCs (e.g., 99.998% for formaldehyde). Also superb at handling gases associated with tobacco, marijuana and wood smoke, industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust and smog (e.g., 99.97% effective on NO2). Made in the USA and built to last.   Oransi EJ120 details

Price:   $1199.00 CAD

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Oransi Air Purifier Quick Comparison Chart

Model HEPA Carbon Room
Unique Features
Oransi Max HEPA MERV 16, V-HEPA,
33.5 sq ft
1" deep activated carbon mesh 460 sq ft $599 Effective control of allergens
Oransi mod jr HEPA MERV 17,
32 sq ft
Approx 1 lb. of activated carbon incorporated into main filter 441 sq ft $629 High performance particle removal for small spaces
Oransi mod HEPA MERV 17,
36 sq ft
1 lb. of activated carbon incorporated into main filter 634 sq ft $829 High performance particle removal
Oransi EJ120 MERV 17, 2.25" deep,
36 sq ft
1" deep, high-efficiency pleated carbon filter with proprietary coconut shell activated carbon 625 sq ft $1199 Excellent particle and nanoparticle control, plus unmatched chemical/gas removal

**Assuming 4 air exchanges per hour in a room with 8 ft. ceilings

Oransi EJ120 vs. Oransi mod HEPA – Help Me Choose

  • The EJ120 is better at handling chemicals and gases than the mod HEPA is. It has a high-efficiency pleated activated carbon filter vs. a layer of carbon in the mod's combo filter. If you are looking for something to handle formaldehyde, VOC off-gassing, harmful fumes from household cleansers or the gaseous toxins in wildfire smoke, tobacco smoke, smog and vehicle exhaust, then the EJ is the way to go. A granular carbon filter is also available for the EJ120.
  • The EJ120’s nanoparticle filtration capabilities are slightly better than the mod HEPA. The EJ120 captures 99.8% of particles at 0.1 and 0.02 microns, while the mod captures 99.4%.
  • Build construction is better on the EJ120. It has an all-metal body, while the mod is mostly plastic. The EJ120 is made in the US, while the mod is made in China.
  • The EJ120 is quieter than the mod on low speeds – on speed 1, it doesn’t even register on the dB scale vs 20 dB for the mod.
  • The EJ120 has a longer filter life (about a year compared with 6-12 months for the mod), meaning less hassle with filter changes. However, the mod's 3-in-1 combo filter is less expensive to replace, resulting in lower annual maintenance costs overall.
  • The mod has a variable speed motor vs. only 5 speeds on the EJ120.
  • The mod is bulkier than the EJ120 (6” taller and 4” more in depth), but weighs 4 lbs. less and has a flip-up carrying handle.
  • The mod should not be used in humid environments or in the kitchen as it has a fabric covering.

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Oransi Company Profile

Oransi began with the quest of an engineer, Peter Mann, who wanted to create a better indoor air quality environment for his son who suffered from asthma. None of the existing air purifier brands available satisfied Peter, so he formed a company with the goal of producing high-performance, yet affordable, air purifiers that provide customers with the cleanest air possible. Over 15 years later, Oransi is a global air purification company with offices in both the US and China.

Based in Austin, Texas, Oransi has focused on creating a unique, minimalistic design for its air purifiers using lighter components, more energy-efficient internal motors, and toxin-free materials that are safe for both you and the environment. Oransi is proud to be an Energy Star partner and a member of the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.

Oransi certifications

Oransi air purifiers have been selected by prestigious organizations such as NASA, American Red Cross, the EPA, United States Strategic Command, Stanford University, MIT, Siemens, IBM, Boeing, Mercedes-Benz, L'Oreal, Wyndham Hotels and countless others to address their stringent air quality needs. The Oransi EJ120 was deemed "the Tesla of air purifiers" by Huffington Post and has also received numerous awards and accolades in the press:

Oransi also prides itself on helping to make the world a better place through environmentally responsible manufacturing practices and by giving back to the community. Through their AirLift Asthma Relief Initiative, Oransi has provided HEPA air purifiers valued at almost $75,000 to nearly 500 families in the US. In addition, Oransi generously donates a portion of its revenues to support student innovations in science and technology that contribute to improved air quality or environmental management.


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