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Aireox Model 22 D Car Air Purifier – Sample – FINAL SALE

Full-Spectrum Air Filtration for Your Vehicle

Aireox Model 22 D Car Air Purifer

This USA-made Aireox Research Model 22 D car air purifier was a manufacturer’s sample that was sent to us. This compact, all-metal, 100% sealed air purifier offers particle removal down to 0.3 microns @ 99.26% effectiveness, along with aggressive chemical, gas and exhaust adsorption via its 2 lbs. of specially-blended coconut activated carbon/Purafil media. Featuring 2 fan speed settings with a maximum re-circlation rate of 75 cfm, this portable unit simply plugs into your 12V DC power socket to clean the air inside your vehicle while you drive. Measures 6" high and 10" in diameter, with a weight of 10 lbs. No warranty, but in perfect working order and good cosmetic condition. Will be shipped in its original box with full instructions.

List Price:   $279.95 USD

Sample Unit Price – $129.99 CAD Plus Free Shipping!

FilterQueen Defender – Sample – FINAL SALE

Compact, Portable Air Purifier Featuring Better-than-HEPA Performance

FilterQueen Defender Air Purifer

This USA-made black and red 90th Anniversary Limited Edition Filter Queen Defender air purifier was a manufacturer’s sample. Its compact design makes it well suited for small bedrooms, offices and hotel rooms, while its built-in handle allows for easy portability. Filters particles down to 0.1 microns at 99.99% effectiveness and comes equipped with FilterQueen’s upgraded VOC carbon filter for additional chemical and gas adsorption. The unit is in mint condition, and will be shipped with all of its original documentation and packaging. No warranty.   See full product description on manufacturer’s website

Regular Price:   $899.99 CAD

Sample Unit Price – $149.99 CAD Plus Free Shipping!

IQAir ParticleScan Lite – Used – FINAL SALE

Easy to Use, Professional Particle Counter

IQAir ParticleScan Lite

The IQAir ParticleScan Lite is a handheld professional particle counter with simple features that delivers fast and accurate readings. This single-channel device counts airborne particles from 0.3 microns to 30 microns and delivers reliable readings instantly via an 8-digit LED display. The ParticleScan Lite is an affordable pick for the professional monitoring of particulate levels in your home or business.

This complete kit features the ParticleScan Lite (including internal rechargeable battery pack), Isokinetic Probe (which allows for accurate air sampling), Purge Filter (for zero count calibration), Power Adapter (for charging) and custom-fitted Polypropylene Carrying Case (for protection in the field). No warranty, but in perfect working order.   See further details on manufacturer’s website

Regular Price:   $2769.00 CAD

Used Price – $399.99 CAD Plus Free Shipping!

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