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NOTE: Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer because the filtration medium is no longer available. We do not have any remaining stock and have not found a suitable substitute. Please see our I Can Breathe Masks instead.

Developed in conjunction with a fabric filtration engineer under NASA’s Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program, Protection Plus Nasal Filters are a revolutionary new health product designed to help protect those who suffer from allergies and chemical sensitivities from both outdoor and indoor air pollutants. By using these personal nasal filters, many people have reduced their reliance on medications that may produce unwanted side effects or lessened the risk of a reaction to environmental pollutants.

Protection Plus Nasal Filters work safely and discreetly directly in your nose to prevent dangerous airborne particulates, chemicals/gases and micro-organisms from being inhaled. They are virtually invisible and perfect for people who don't want to wear a mask. Unlike other types of nasal filters and devices, Pollution Plus Nasal Filters are made without glues, adhesives, rubber or latex, making them ideal for environmentally sensitive individuals.

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Three different types of nasal filters are available to handle different airborne contaminants. Choose Allergy Nasal Filters if you are concerned about particulates and allergens, Pollution Nasal Filters for handling chemical fumes and gases, and Travel Nasal Filters for protection against bacteria and viruses.

Most Protection Plus Nasal Filters are available in three cup sizes: Small (11 mm wide x 10 mm deep), Medium (13 mm wide x 11 mm deep) and Large (14 mm wide x 13 mm deep). If you are unsure as to which size you require, we recommend starting with a trial pack (one of each size available) to determine which nasal filter best suits your nose.

Note that disposable nasal filters do not replace industrial strength respirators and are not meant for occupational exposure.

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All prices are in Canadian dollars and exclude applicable sales tax. Shipping via Canada Post is included in all nasal filter prices for delivery within Canada and the US. Nasal filters can be shipped internationally for a nominal additional shipping charge (email us at to arrange for international shipping). Institutional and bulk pricing also available. Due to the personal nature of these products, all sales are final with no exchanges or refunds permitted.

Protection Plus Allergy Nasal Filters

Providing Natural and Safe Allergy Relief

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Protection Plus Allergy Nasal Filters feature cellulose filtering material designed to naturally reduce exposure to allergens and particulates such as pollen, grasses, mould spores, dust, pet dander and dust mite by-products, as well as asbestos, fibreglass dust and harmful combustion particles. These personal nasal filters are a welcome option for allergy sufferers who want a safer way to reduce their reliance on anti-histamines and other allergy medications. They are also ideal for artists working with pastels, clay and silica, and for those working in nail salons, to capture hazardous particles before they have a chance to enter the respiratory system.

Protection Plus Allergy Nasal Filters gently open your airways to allow easy breathing through the nostrils. Lightweight and virtually invisible, these allergy nasal filters permit you to easily talk and eat while wearing them.

Each disposable nasal filter provides approximately 48 hours of protection depending on the level of allergens it is being exposed to. Simply clean the nose filter with an alcohol wipe, or lightly rinse in cold water between uses.

NOTE: This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer as the filtration material is no longer available.

Protection Plus Pollution Nasal Filters

Dual Filter System Captures Both Allergens and Toxic Fumes

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The unique dual structure of Protection Plus Pollution Nasal Filters allows not only for particulate matter filtration, but for chemical, gas and odour adsorption as well. The all-natural granular activated carbon in the pollution filters traps gaseous pollutants such as exhaust fumes, second-hand smoke, smog, chemical vapours and dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs), along with perfume and detergent odours. In addition, the cellulose material in the Pollution Nasal Filters captures all of the same airborne particles that the basic Allergy Nasal Filters do. The two filtration layers in the nasal filter are stitched together, avoiding the use of potentially bothersome glues or adhesives.

Ideal for those with respiratory illnesses and MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), Protection Plus Pollution Nasal Filters provide maximum protection when breathing properly through the nose. These nasal filters are also recommended for artists working with oils to reduce the inhalation of solvents and heavy metal pigments, and for anyone who works with paints, varnishes, adhesives, dyes, caulking, solvents, pesticides and other toxic substances that can present long-term health risks.

Under normal conditions, each Protection Plus Pollution Nasal filter can be used for 2 to 5 days without losing effectiveness, depending on personal sensitivity levels and the amount of environmental pollutants in the air. Cleaning the nasal filters between uses can simply be done with an alcohol wipe. Available in clear or skin tone.

NOTE: This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer as the filtration material is no longer available.

Protection Plus Travel Nasal Filters

Wide-Spectrum Protection Against Pollutants and Biological Pathogens

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Developed under NASA's Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program, Protection Plus Travel Nasal Filters provide a first line of defence against airborne bacteria, viruses and other harmful micro-organisms. Like the Allergy and Pollution Nasal Filters described above, these wide-spectrum nose filters also offer protection from particulate and gaseous pollutants.

The insertion of a double layer of non-toxic impregnated copper oxide material between the activated carbon and cellulose elements of the nasal filter enables Protection Plus Travel Nasal Filters to address unique travel related health issues such as aerotoxic fumes (i.e., Aerotoxin Syndrome) and fumigation chemicals, as well as reduce the risk of contracting viral infections resulting from cross-contamination between passengers travelling together in enclosed environments.

Many scientific studies have shown that copper has rapid, broad spectrum antimicrobial efficacy against some of the most toxic species of bacteria, fungi and viruses, making these nasal filters ideal for use in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, medical offices and waiting rooms.

Each individual Protection Plus Travel Nasal Filter will provide approximately 24 hours of protection from airborne viruses, 36 hours from exhaust fumes and passive smoke and 48 hours of relief from allergy symptoms. Cleaning between uses can simply be done with an alcohol wipe.

NOTE: This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer as the filtration material is no longer available.

Safety Information for Environmentally Sensitive Individuals

All Protection Plus Nasal Filter holders are made from non-toxic medical-grade C-Flex plastic (i.e., no latex). The filtration medium is cellulose with a polyester backing. Cellulose is odourless, naturally hydrophilic and insoluble in water (plus it is completely biodegradable).

The source material for the activated carbon used in both the Pollution and Travel Nasal Filters is charcoal based. On rare occasions, individuals with chemical/environmental sensitivities may have an adverse reaction to this type of carbon.

The anti-microbial agent used to kill airborne micro-organisms in the Travel Nasal Filters is copper based, and as such, should not be used by individuals who are allergic to copper or who have chemical/environmental sensitivities that are triggered by copper.

If you are concerned about the materials used in any of the nasal filters, please check with your medical doctor before purchasing them. If you experience discomfort or an adverse reaction when using the filters, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.

Protection Plus Nasal Filter Reviews and Testimonials

“Being a teacher with MCS, I often have difficulties from all the chemicals floating around the school in cleaning products, floor finishes, and on the people in the school. Upon trying your Protection Plus Pollution Nasal Filters, I had the best work week I have had since developing MCS in Oct 2009. It was amazing! As long as I remembered to breathe through my nose, I felt no microscopic impact from the chemicals around me. I was able to teach and move about much easier than when wearing a mask. But it is more than just convenience. The nasal filters more efficiently and effectively protected me from chemical exposure. I put them in whenever I leave the house now. I am so thankful for this product.”
K. Tanaszczuk, London, ON

"I am a make-up artist for film and television in Toronto. I have successfully used your Protection Plus Pollution Nasal Filters for myself and my actors on two shows. Make-up artists, actors and stunt people are regularly exposed to particulate and chemical inhalants in the converted tractor trailers that we use as our travelling make-up studios. Your nasal filters have made a huge difference in these intense situations, and I plan to introduce them to all of the 85 make-up artists in our department. My only critique is that they do not fit an oblong shaped nostril tightly."
I. Goldberg, Toronto, ON

"I have just recently developed MCS, and finding your website has made it possible to continue with my life. I just started grad school when I realized what was going on, and I refused to drop out just because being in class made me ill. I'm now able to be in a classroom thanks to your Protection Plus Pollution Nasal Filters."
S. Kletke, Edmonton, AB

“I received my trial pack of Protection Plus Pollution Nasal Filters today, and they worked great! I do eyelash extensions and am sensitive to the adhesive, but no sneezing and runny nose today! I will be placing another order soon.”
N. Dobson, Regina, SK

“I received my Protection Plus Pollution Nasal Filters and was delighted to discover that they actually work! I tried them on the bus and at work today with much success. They did let in some smells, but for once I did not feel like my nose was on fire or get a headache. Can't wait to try them on the plane!”
C. O’Keefe, Seattle, WA

“I purchased your Protection Plus Allergy Nasal Filters because I was looking for something to protect myself while sanding the guitars that I build. I tested them while carving a guitar neck, and from past experience, knew that had I worn no type of respirator, by the time I was done I'd be feeling it in my lungs, and my nose would have a lot of dust in it. However, I was pleased to find that I had none of these problems when wearing the nasal filters. I found them more pleasant to use than my respirator and, in fact, after a while I hardly noticed them at all. There was some air resistance but not too much. They did not clog up in the time I was using them and I see no reason why the same ones couldn't be used for another few sessions. On the down side, they were fairly hard and if you hit the side of your nose while they were inserted, it would hurt. Although they didn't bother me while wearing them, I did notice that my nose was a little sore afterwards.”
Pat Hawley, Ottawa, ON

“Thank you for your Protection Plus Pollution Nasal Filters and I Can Breathe! Masks with activated charcoal filters. They help greatly with the chemtrail spraying in our area. On extreme spray days, we use the two products together for added protection. However, if one has a runny nose or a cold, the masks are very good by themselves. We highly recommend both products for chem trail spraying protection.”
B. Mencel, Kincardine, ON

“Thank you so much for your Protection Plus Pollution Nasal Filters. For the first time in years, I can access food without getting anywhere near as sick from scented products. Please keep supplying this great product. It is a life-saver!”
C. Lewis, Comox, BC

“I work in a sawmill and have found your Protection Plus Allergy Nasal Filters quite useful, because of the sawdust in the air on site and the dust kicked up by the forklifts. A few of my co-workers have shown interest in ordering the product as well.”
I. Hayward, Fraser Lake, BC

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