Tub O’ Carbon Odor Buster

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Tub O’ Carbon Odor Buster contains the same activated carbon that is found in many of our high-quality air purifiers (as well as military gas masks). It is highly effective at capturing chemicals, gases and odours in confined spaces. 100% natural carbon is treated with oxygen (i.e., “activated”) to open millions of small pores, creating a huge surface area within each individual carbon pellet. In fact, the activated carbon found in one small tin of Tub O’ Carbon Odor Buster has a surface area equal to approximately 75 acres! Tub O’ Carbon Odor Buster contains absolutely no chemicals and is completely fragrance free. Tub O’ Carbon Odor Buster is perfect for any place where you what to adsorb odours including:

Tub O' Carbon Uses

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Tub O’ Carbon Odor Buster

The Safe and All-Natural Way to Remove Odours

Tub O' Carbon Odour Buster

Tub O’ Carbon Odor Buster is ideal for use in any enclosed space such as freezers, closets, drawers, garbage cans, diaper pails, storage areas, lockers, sports bags and even in the car. More effective and longer lasting than baking soda, Tub O’ Carbon Odor Buster is perfect for use in the fridge to eliminate food odours and to adsorb the ethylene gas released by produce that causes food to rot prematurely. Simply peel the labels off of both sides of the tin and you’re ready to go!

Tub O’ Carbon Odor Buster dimensions:   4” (diameter) x 1½” (height)

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