Venta Supplies (Water Treatment, Cleaner, Hygiene Discs, Filters, Trolleys)

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Here you will find Venta accessories, as well as the supplies that you need to maintain and clean your Venta Airwasher.

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Venta Total Care Bundle

It Pays to Stock Up!

Venta Total Care Bundle

Stock up on Venta LW Series maintenance supplies and save, plus get FREE shipping! Bundle includes 2 bottles of Venta Water Treatment Additive (to be used every 10 to 14 days) and 2 bottles of Venta Cleaner (to be used every 6 months). Shelf time is 2.5 years.

NOTE: The Water Treatment Additive contained in this bundle is designed to be used only with LW25 and LW45 units. It should not be used with Kuube L-T, Kuube XL-T and Kuubel XL-T units.

Price: $89.99 CAD (Includes Free Shipping)


Venta Airwasher Cleaner

Cleans and Removes Mineral Build-Up

Venta Airwasher Cleaner

The Venta Cleaner is specifically formulated to thoroughly clean your Venta Airwasher. The cleaning solution should be used twice a year to remove any accumulated mineral deposits from the disks and humidifier housing and keep your Venta Airwasher in tip-top condition. The cleaning solution should also be used before storing the device for an extended period of time.

The 8.8 fl. oz. (250ml) bottle of Venta Cleaner is sufficient for one cleaning. The cleaning process is simple, just pour the cleaner into the humidifier with fresh water and run the Airwasher on low for two hours.

Price: $18.99 CAD


Venta Airwasher Water Treatment Additive

Maintains Your Airwasher’s Optimal Performance

Venta Airwasher Water Treatment and Additive

The Venta Water Treatment Additive is designed to maintain hygienic conditions in the lower housing of your Venta Airwasher and to improve the cold evaporation process. Essentially, it creates a sheeting effect on the disks that helps to maximize the surface area for evaporation. It also helps to prevent calcium and lime deposits that can build up over time and become difficult to remove

Note that the ingredients of the Venta Water Treatment Additive do not evaporate, remaining in the humidifier until poured out for cleaning. As fresh water is added daily to your Venta Airwasher, the materials in the Venta Water Treatment Additive are reactivated.

One dose of Venta Water Treatment Additive is recommended every 10 to 14 days to maintain your Venta Airwasher’s optimal performance. This 35 fl. oz. (1000 ml) bottle should last for 5 or 6 months.

NOTE: Designed to be used only with LW25 and LW45 units. Should not be used with Kuube L-T, Kuube XL-T and Kuubel XL-T units.

Price: $29.99 CAD


Venta Hygiene Disc

Ensures Easy Cleaning and Hygienic Operation

Venta Hygiene Disc

The Venta Hygiene Disc contains water softening granules to prevent the formation of hard mineral deposits on the disc stack and inside the unit that can be difficult to remove and affect performance. The granules are impregnated with silver ions to prevent the growth of microbes and ensure hygienic operation. The snap-in/snap-out Hygiene Disc eliminates the need to use Venta's traditional Water Treatment Additive every two weeks, making for easy maintenance. The disc should be replaced every three months and has a shelf life of a year if the package remains unopened.

NOTE: Fits Kuube L-T, Kuube XL-T and Kuubel XL-T Airwashers only. Cannot be used with LW25 and LW45.

Price (3-Pack): $209.99 CAD

Nelior VENTAcel Replacement Filter

For Optimal Air Cleaning Performance

Venta Hygiene Disc

The Nelior VENTAcel replacement filter contains 40 sq. ft. of patented filtration material, providing superior particle collection down to 0.07 microns at a 99.95% capture rate. The Nelior filtration technology combines exceptionally low operating resistance with high-efficiency filtration and durability, and has a filter life expectancy of 6 to 12 months.

IMPORTANT: Purchase ONE filter for the Kuubel XL-T Purifier / Humidifier and TWO filters for the Kuuboid XL Air Purifier.

Price:   $129.99 CAD



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