Venta Kuube L-T Airwasher Humidifier (LW60T)

Next Generation Humidification for Extra-Large Spaces

  • The latest addition to the Airwasher line is designed to perfectly humidify extra-large living and working spaces up to 1650 sq. ft., with safety, comfort and convenience in mind
  • Loaded with new features and advanced electronics that make this one of the most sophisticated humidifiers in the world
  • Removes large particles such as dust, pollen, mould spores and man-made fibres from the air as it humidifies, literally washing the air
  • Cold evaporation process delivers perfect humidification levels, with no harmful white powder, aerosols or bacteria, and no mould or mildew growth due to over-humidification
  • Features Venta's new high-efficiency honeycomb disc stack, allowing for better air flow with less disc surface area
  • New self-cleaning mode and snap-in/snap-out Venta Hygiene Disc make this humidifier ultra-low maintenance, while a removable water tank offers easy filling
  • Interactive touchscreen display, remote control, wi-fi capabilities, sleep mode and timer shut-off put you in complete control of your indoor environment
  • Humidity control setting allows you to set the desired humidity between 30% and 70%, with temperature and humidity sensors reporting on current room conditions
  • Kuube XL-T (LW62T) model also available for extra-large spaces (up to 2700 sq. ft.) Same as the Kuube L-T in appearance and functionality, except for a more powerful motor that delivers a higher air flow rate and better room coverage. Also has a built-in UVC lamp for added water hygiene
  • Perfect for humidifying extra-large residential spaces, entire apartments or condos, small shops and open-concept offices

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Venta Kuube L-T Airwasher Humidifier (LW60T)
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Venta Kuube L-T
Airwasher Humidifier

Price: $1249.99 CAD

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Also available:

Venta Kuube XL-T

Price: $2349.99 CAD

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Venta Kuube L-T Airwasher Humidifier


For more than 3 decades, Venta Airwashers have been the top-selling humidifier brand in Europe, and now the next generation of Venta Airwashers are here! The new Venta Kuube L-T Airwasher (LW60T) is capable of humidifying extra-large spaces up to 1650 square feet, with features such as a removable water tank, high-efficiency disc stack, low-maintenance Hygiene Disc system, self-cleaning mode and advanced electronics taking this airwasher to the next level of performance and convenience.

Unlike traditional humidifiers that unnaturally force moisture in the form of vapor or mist into the air, the Venta Kuube L-T Airwasher’s cold evaporation process is a natural, effective and safe way to introduce much-needed moisture into your home or work environment. The Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency and Consumer Reports all warn against using vaporizer-style humidifiers, stating that emissions from dirty units can cause severe health issues, especially for those who suffer from asthma, allergies and other respiratory ailments. With Venta’s cold evaporation system, the Kuube L-T Airwasher allows the air to take only the moisture it needs, with no damp mist, no white dust, no bacteria and no risk of over humidification.

FACT: Air conditioning has the same drying effect on your indoor air as heat does. Operating a Venta Kuube L-T Airwasher can help to maintain a healthy indoor environment year-round.

As an added bonus, the Venta Kuube L-T Airwasher literally washes the air as it humidifies, removing large particles and allergens such as dust, pollen and mould spores. As contaminated air passes over the rotating disc stack inside the airwasher, airborne impurities adhere to the stack and are pulled down into the water and deposited in the bottom of the reservoir.

Like all Venta humidifiers, the Venta Kuube L-T Airwasher is simple to use and maintain. Just add fresh water to the easy-to-fill removable water tank once a day (or as required), and change the patented Venta Hygiene Disc once every 3 months. The easy to change, snap on/snap off hygiene disc contains water softening agents to help prevent calcium and lime build up in the reservoir and improve the performance of the humidifier, eliminating the need to use Venta’s Water Treatment Additive every two weeks. The softening granules in the hygiene disc are impregnated with germicidal silver ions to destroy bacteria, ensuring hygienic operation. In addition, a handy self-cleaning mode makes cleaning the Venta Kuube L-T a breeze – just add a bottle of Venta Cleaner, press the Cleaning button, and the humidifier will engage in an intensive self-cleaning process that lasts for 4 hours.

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On Auto Mode, the Venta Kuube L-T Airwasher will humidify your space perfectly, with the humidifier automatically regulating the fan speed to achieve and maintain an optimal humidity level of around 50%. For those who prefer less or more humidity, the Kuube L-T’s humidity control setting permits you to set the humidity from 30% to 70% in 5 percent increments, a feature not available on the less expensive LW models. Humidity and temperature sensors on the control panel provide up-to-the-minute information on room conditions, with a remote control putting you in a complete control of your indoor environment.

New smart features on the Venta Kuube L-T Airwasher include an interactive touchscreen “Comfort Zone” display, wi-fi capabilities, a Sleep Mode setting that dims the control panel and turns the unit down to its lowest fan speed setting for ultra-quiet use at night, and a handy Child Lock that protects your settings from curious little fingers. The Venta Kuube L-T Airwasher also offers 5 operating speeds to choose from and a convenient timer that shuts the unit off after a set number of hours (1 to 9 hrs).

Also available in Venta's premium line of humidifiers is the Kuube L-T's bigger brother - the Kuube XL-T Airwasher. With a more powerful motor on board, the Kuube XL-T Airwasher boasts a higher airflow rate than the L-T and can handle extra-large spaces of up to 2700 sq. ft vs. 1650 sq. ft. for the L-T. The XL-T also incorporates a UVC lamp to achieve the maximum possible hygiene levels in the water reservoir. The UVC lamp is only active for about 4 hours per day and should be changed every 3 years.

As a company, Venta prides itself on being environmentally responsible. All Venta airwashers are 100% recyclable, manufactured in Germany using only wind power, and use less energy to operate than a small lightbulb. With the Venta Kuube L-T and XL-T, there are no messy filters to replace and dispose of, and hence, no environmental impact. Like all German products, the Kuube L-T and XL-T humidifiers are built to provide reliable service for years to come.

The Venta Kuube L-T and XL-T Airwashers are designed for use in large to extra-large residential spaces, entire apartments and condos, and open-concept offices. The Kuube Airwashers are also ideal for large art studios, musical instrument stores, florist shops, pet stores and any workplace looking to provide a healthy environment for employees and/or customers. Both units have a stylish, high-tech European design, and are available in either neutral white or black (charcoal gray).

IMPORTANT: Although Venta Airwashers help to clean the air of particulates as they humidify, they are inferior to HEPA or better-than-HEPA air purifiers in terms of their performance, i.e., number of air exchanges per hour, room coverage and size of particles captured. Airwashers can only filter out large particles effectively (e.g., 10 microns or larger) and do not remove chemicals, gases or odours from the air. If you are interested in comprehensive room cleaning, we recommend using one of our high-quality air purifiers together with your Venta humidifier.

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Water Capacity Overall 3.3 gallons, tank 2.1 gallons
Disc Surface Area 27 sq. ft., features Venta's new high-efficiency honeycomb disc stack allowing for better air flow with less surface area
Room Coverage for Humidification
(on high speed setting)
Kuube L-T:   1650 sq. ft.
Kuube XL-T: 2700 sq. ft.
Particle Capture Rate
(on high speed setting)
Removes 90% of particles down to 10 microns in size within a 125 sq. ft. space in 1 hour (and 50% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size)
Air Flow Rate
(on high speed setting)
Kuube L-T:   150 cubic ft. per min.
Kuube XL-T: 207 cubic ft. per min.
Air Intake Via top of unit
Air Output Via front and back sides of unit)
Decibel Level Kuube L-T:   21 dB (on low) to 43 dB (on high)
Kuube XL-T: 22 dB (on low) to 52 dB (on high)
Voltage 120V / 60Hz
Power Consumption Kuube L-T:   6 watts (on low) to 19 watts (on high)
Kuube XL-T: 6 watts (on low) to 38 watts (on high)
Number of Speeds 5
Cord Length 6 feet
Safety Approvals UL approved
Ozone/Ion Emissions None
Auto Shut-Off Yes
Electronic Water Level Indicator Yes
UVC Lamp Kuube L-T:   No
Kuube XL-T: Yes
Housing Construction High impact plastic
Access for Water Filling Removable water tank
Maneuverability Equipped with trolley wheels
Dimensions 24” (height) x 20” (width) x 12” (depth)
Operating Weight 29 lbs. when empty
Shipping Weight Approx. 32 lbs.
Estimated Maintenance Costs If used for six months per year:
Venta Cleaner $19
Venta Hygiene Disc x 2 = $150
Wi-Fi Enabled Yes
Remote Control Yes
Optional Accessories None
Warranty 2 years
Place Manufactured Germany
Available Colours Black, White


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