Venta Kuubel XL-T Air Purifier / Humidifier (LPH60)

The World’s Best Air Purifier and Humidifier Combo

  • Offers two cutting-edge technologies in one convenient and compact unit
  • Achieves exceptional humidification and effective air purification either together or independently, offering maximum versatility
  • Superior particle filtration via a patented Nelior VENTAcel filter, capable of capturing ultra-fine particles down to 0.07 microns at 99.95% effectiveness, outperforming traditional HEPA filters and on par with the world’s best air purifiers
  • Monitors airborne particulate levels in the room and automatically adjusts the motor speed to provide optimal air cleaning on “auto mode”
  • Optional Gas Absorption filter can be added to handle ambient VOCs and other harmful chemicals/gases
  • Produces just 17 dB on the lowest setting, making it one of the quietest air purifiers on the market
  • German-engineered cold evaporation humidification system ensures that just the right amount of moisture is added to the air, preventing over-humidification and mold growth
  • Does not release hazardous mineral dust particles, aerosols or bacteria into your home like some ultrasonic and vaporizer humidifiers do
  • Onboard sensors deliver real-time air quality stats at a glance via a large interactive display panel
  • Easy to fill removable water tank, self-cleaning mode and a snap-in Venta Hygiene Disc make maintenance a breeze
  • Ideal for premium humidification of spaces up to 1050 sq. ft. and light air cleaning in spaces of up to 485 sq. ft*, including bedrooms, dens, offices, music rooms, apartments, etc.

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Venta Kuubel XL-T Purifier+Humidifier (LW60T)

Venta Kuubel XL-T
Purifier / Humidifier

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Venta Kuubel XLT Air Purifier and Humidifier


The engineers at Venta Germany are proud to present the new Kuubel XL-T (LPH60) – the quietest and most effective air purifier/humidifier combo in the world! In fact, this cutting-edge hybrid air purifier and humidifier is so unique that Venta has a 30-year inventor patent on the product. Taking their 35+ years of indoor humidification expertise, and combining it with a state-of-the-art particle filtration system, this revolutionary air purifier/humidifier offers the best of both worlds in one compact machine.

What sets the Kuubel XL-T Purifier / Humidifier apart from Venta’s regular line of Airwashers is a high-performance particle filtration system that out-performs most air purifiers in its class. The patented Nelior VENTAcel filter features 40 sq. ft. of particle-arresting, nanoscale-fibre material that is capable of removing particles down to an incredible 0.07 microns at a capture rate of 99.95%. The remarkable homogeneity and microscopic size of the fibres in the filter permit air to travel more efficiently through the filter with lower operating resistance. At the same time, pollutants travel more closely to the fibre surface, and as a result, are more readily captured.

Like Venta’s regular Airwashers, the Nelior VENTAcel filter in the Kuubel XL-T Purifier / Humidifier easily captures larger allergens such as dust, pollen, mould spores and dust mite by-products. But the Kuubel XL-T air purifier goes way beyond that to filter out more dangerous fine and ultra-fine particulates, such as pet dander, airborne bacteria, viruses, smoke particulates and HVAC combustion particles, as well as industrial pollutants and vehicle/road particles that can filter into your home.

The Venta Kuubel XL-T Purifier/Humidifier also features a permanent washable mesh pre-filter that captures large dust particles, hair and other debris before they have a chance to enter the main filtration system, prolonging the VENTAcel’s life and effectiveness. This pre-filter does not need to be replaced – simply remove it occasionally, wash it and replace it when completely dry.

For those who are also concerned with chemicals and gases, Venta offers an optional VENTAcarb Gas Absorption filter that fits into the main particle filter. This filter contains granular activated carbon encased in a carbon mesh to absorb VOCs and other gaseous pollutants, protecting you against the broadest possible range of airborne pollutants. Both the VENTAcel filter and the optional VENTAcarb filter have a life expectancy of 6 to 12 months. The filter life monitor on the display panel will alert you with a “Change Filter” notice when the filter(s) should be changed.

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On the humidification side, the Venta Kuubel XL-T Purifier / Humidifier doesn’t force moisture into the air like traditional vaporizers or ultrasonic humidifiers do – it simply allows the air to take what it needs naturally through a unique cold evaporation process. This process provides a safer and more effective way to add much-needed moisture into the air, with no danger of introducing white powder, residues, aerosols, damp mists or bacteria into your environment, just pure and perfectly moistened air. Even though the Kuubel XL-T permits you to set the humidity level from 30% - 70% (as opposed to simply operating the unit in “auto mode”), it will never over-humidify like other humidifiers can, leading to possible mold growth or even structural damage to your home.

To optimize performance and simplify maintenance in the Kuubel XL-T Purifier / Humidifier, Venta has replaced the liquid water treatment additive used in their lower-end models with a new snap-in, snap-out Hygiene Disc. This disc contains pearl grains with water softening agents and silver ions to prevent mineral build-up and the growth of bacteria. When the patented Hygiene Disc requires replacing (approximately once every 3 months), the display panel on the Kuubel XL-T will alert you.

The Venta Kuubel XL-T Purifier / Humidifier is a technological wonder, offering advanced features such as an interactive touchscreen display, a self-cleaning mode, temperature and humidity readouts, a high-efficiency disc stack, a remote control unit, Wi-Fi capabilities, child lock, sleep mode, shut off timer and filter life monitor. In addition, five fan speed settings allow you to choose the perfect speed for your needs. In Auto Mode, the Kuubel XL-T Air Purifier / Humidifier closely monitors the level of particulates in the air, raising or dropping the fan speed accordingly to ensure that a healthy indoor environment is always maintained.

Venta is proud to manufacture all of their units in Germany using 100% green energy and minimizing their carbon footprint on the planet. And with the power consumption rated as low as 7 watts, running the Venta Kuubel XL-T Purifier / Humidifier has a minimal impact on energy resources, while saving you money at the same time. Although 100% recyclable, the Venta Kuubel XL-T is designed to last a lifetime.

The Venta Kuubel XL-T Purifier / Humidifier is perfect for premium humidification in large spaces of up to 1050 sq. ft. and light air cleaning in living areas of up to 485 sq. ft (see spec chart below for full room coverage details). It is ideal for bedrooms, dens, apartments/condos, hobby rooms, etc., as well as for business applications such as employee cubicles, enclosed offices, reception areas and waiting rooms. The Kuubel XL-T has a high-tech look, and comes in neutral white or black to match any décor.

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Pre-Filter Permanent washable mesh
Particle Filtration System Nelior VENTAcel filter captures particles down to 0.07 microns at 99.95% effectiveness
Surface Area of Filtration Media 40 sq. ft.
Number of Filters Required 1
Type of Carbon Media Nelior VENTAcel: None
Optional VENTAcarb Gas Absorption filter with granular carbon encased in carbon mesh can be added to the VENTAcel filter
Average Filter Life 6 to 12 months
Estimated Filter Replacement Cost Assuming air purifier is used year-round:
VENTAcel Nelior Filter: $130
Water Capacity Overall 3.3 gallons, tank 2.1 gallons
Disc Surface Area 27 sq. ft., features Venta's new high-efficiency honeycomb disc stack allowing for better air flow with less surface area
Estimated Maintenance Cost Assuming humidifier is used for 6 months per year:
Venta Hygiene Disc x 2 = $150
Venta Cleaner - $19
Room Coverage for Humidification 1050 sq. ft.
Room Coverage for Air Filtration 485 sq. ft. for light room pollutants
325 sq. ft. for moderate room pollutants
160 sq. ft. for severe room pollutants or those with respiratory illnesses
(manufacturer's specs)
Air Flow Rate 97 cubic ft. per min. at high speed setting
Air Intake Via top of unit
Air Output Via front and back sides of unit
Decibel Level 17 dB (on low) to 47 dB (on high)
Voltage 120V / 60Hz
Power Consumption 7 - 30 watts
Number of Speeds 5
Cord Length 6 feet
Safety Approvals UL approved
Ozone/Ion Emissions None
Auto Shut-Off Yes
Electronic Water Level Indicator Yes
Housing Construction High impact plastic
Access for Water Filling Removable water tank
Maneuverability Equipped with trolley wheels
Dimensions 24” (height) x 20” (width) x 12” (depth)
Operating Weight 29 lbs. when empty
Shipping Weight Approx. 32 lbs.
Wi-Fi Enabled Yes
Remote Control Yes
Filter Life Monitor Yes
Optional Accessories Gas Absorption Filter ($100)
Warranty 2 years
Place Manufactured Germany
Available Colours Black, White


“Last year summer, May 2017, I moved into my new condominium. Come winter, I noticed the unit was dustier than in the summer and the air quality was very dry. After doing thorough research, I decided to purchase two Venta Kuubel XL-T Air Purifier/Humidifiers, and ever since, the air quality in my unit is fresh, the dust has been minimized dramatically and the humidity level has been perfect. Moreover, since I care a lot about air quality, I also purchased an IQAir MultiGas GC Air Purifier. I am very satisfied with their performances. ”
Steve Tcherkezian, Toronto, ON

“I have been SO happy with the Venta Kuubel XL-T Humidifier/Air Purifier combination unit and Venta LW45 Airwasher that I purchased from you. In fact, I’ve decided to get an Venta LW25 as well!”
M. Sherman, Toronto, ON

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