Air Purifiers for Children's Rooms

air purifiers for children

Why You Need an Air Purifier

Today’s children are growing up in a whole different world – one where they are constantly being bombarded with toxic substances and pollutants, even within the sanctuary they call home. Toxins in indoor air can come from a variety of sources, including home heating systems, household cleansers, aerosols, indoor pesticide use, second-hand smoke, vehicle emissions that seep in from outside, and harmful off-gassing from furniture, carpets, paint and building materials.

Young children are more likely to be affected by exposure to these airborne chemicals and toxins because their bodies are smaller and they have higher respiratory rates than adults do. Pound for pound, their exposure level is far higher and may be above what is deemed legally acceptable for an adult. In addition, a child’s metabolism, lungs and immune system are still immature and far more vulnerable to toxic effects.

FACT: The average child visits the doctor 23 times in the first 4 years of life,
with the most common complaint being respiratory ailments

Asthma is obviously a major concern for parents with young children, since developing lungs can be sensitized to asthma triggers. Many researchers now believe that early exposure to indoor allergens such as pollen, mould spores, pet dander, dust and wood/oil smoke can influence the development of asthma during childhood. In fact, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) suggests that reducing contact with these substances in early childhood may help to delay or prevent the onset of allergy or asthma symptoms later in life.

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Austin Air HealthMate Jr. Air Purifier for child's bedroom

Austin Air HealthMate Jr. HM 200 Air Purifier
The Perfect Size for a Child's Bedroom

Our economically-priced Austin Air HealthMate Jr. is the ideal choice for those seeking a general purpose air purifier for a child’s bedroom. The HealthMate Jr.offers outstanding control of allergy and asthma triggers such as pollen, dust, pet dander and mould spores. It also captures hazardous chemicals and toxic gases to ensure that your children are breathing the cleanest air possible while they sleep.

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