Air Purifiers for Homes near Farms or Agricultural Areas

air purifiers for farm and agricultural pesticides

Why You Need an Air Purifier for Agricultural Pesticides

Communities located close to farms or agricultural areas not only endure the nuisances of foul odours and excessive dust levels, but a wide range of health hazards as well. The use of agricultural pesticides is perhaps the most obvious concern. Pesticides will volatize 8 to 24 hours after application, and can then drift for substantial distances, often floating into residential communities at unsafe concentration levels.

FACT: Radioactively-traced pesticides sprayed aerially over England were discovered
7 days later over 4,700 miles away in Texas

Fumigant pesticides are particularly deadly. These are highly toxic poisons used to sterilize the soil before planting crops to reduce root damage from pests. Due to their gaseous state and high application rates, fumigants can pose serious risks to nearby communities up to several weeks after application. In 2005, over 300 people in California were poisoned by chloropicrin when a strawberry field a quarter-mile away was fumigated. Long-lasting effects have been observed from incidents such as this, including chronic bronchitis, damaged eyesight, nervous system toxicity and asthma.

FACT: As many as 20,000 physician-diagnosed pesticide poisonings occur each year among the approximately 3.4 million agricultural workers in the US

Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers Recommends...

IQAir MultiGas GC air purifier for pesticide spraying

IQAir MultiGas GC Air Purifier
Advanced Protection from Gaseous Contaminants

The IQAir MultiGas GC is the ultimate air purifier when it comes to removing the widest spectrum of harmful gaseous organic and inorganic compounds, toxic chemicals and dangerous airborne particulates. The four gas filters in this air purifier help to remove many of the active ingredients in pesticides, along with hundreds of other hazardous chemicals used in agriculture applications (e.g., formaldehyde, phenol, carbon disulfide, acrolein, glyphosate, cresol).

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