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Suffer from headaches, fatigue or cold-like symptoms?   It just might be your indoor air...

Indoor air quality testing has become more prevalent in recent years as overwhelming media attention and newly enacted legislation have heightened consumer awareness regarding potentially life-threatening pollutants in the air they are breathing at home and at work. In the past, you would have had to hire a professional indoor air quality specialist or environmental company for $2,500 or more to conduct air quality testing in your home and have the samples analyzed by an accredited laboratory. Now you can use IAQ Screen Check’s Home Air Quality Test Kits to do the testing yourself and have the samples analyzed by the same professional lab for a fraction of the cost!

Developed by the environmental scientists at Building Health Check/Pure Air Control Services, an award-winning indoor air quality environmental firm, Screen Check test kits are an industry-leading product that will help to identify indoor air contaminants in your home or workplace. Screen Check tests are not only affordable, but reliable, accurate and easy to use.

Samples are analyzed and a report provided by the Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab), an elite lab that specializes in environmental microbiology, indoor air quality and environmental allergen screening. EDLab has analyzed hundreds of thousands of indoor environmental samples from around the world and provided legally defensible reports for expert testimony.  More about EDLab

Modern Alchemy Air stocks the following do-it-yourself Screen Check home air testing kits (click on the product photos or View Product buttons for full product details and pricing).

Formaldehyde Air
Quality Test Kit

Formaldehyde test kit
Test your indoor air for formaldehyde, a respiratory system irritant and known carcinogen found to some extent in every home and workplace.
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Organic Vapor (VOC) Air
Quality Test Kit

Organic vapor test kit
Test your home or workplace for over 50 common VOCs, including benzene, toluene, acetone, hexane and styrene, plus more than 25 lesser known toxins.
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Mold Air Quality
Test Kit

Mold test kit
Test your indoor environment for hundreds of different types of allergenic and toxic moulds. Detects both mould spores and fungal fragments.
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Allergen Air Quality
Test Kit

Allergen test kit
Test your indoor air for pollen, mould, fibreglass, insect parts and many other harmful allergens and particulates (e.g., combustion particles, talc).
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Test Your Nest Air
Quality Test Kit

Test Your Nest home air quality test kit
This kit does it all! Tests for a wide range of toxic chemicals and particulates using multiple sampling methods. One of the most comprehensive test kits available!
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Healthful Home 5-Minute
Toxic Mold Test Kit

Healthful Home Five-Minute mold test kit
Don't want to wait for lab results? See our 5-Minute Toxic Mold Test HERE

Who Should Use Screen Check's Home Air Quality Test Kits

Do-it-yourself Screen Check indoor air quality test kits are ideal for:

  • People who have been diagnosed with respiratory or environmentally-related diseases and are trying to identify and eliminate potential triggers;
  • Homeowners who suspect they have issues with mould, radon, formaldehyde or other indoor air pollutants, as a first response before bringing in costly air quality testing and remediation professionals;
  • People who suffer from warning signs such as shortness of breath, dry cough, eye/nose/throat irritation, headaches, fatigue or dizziness to determine if these symptoms are related to breathing poor indoor air;
  • Employees who want to know if they are being exposed to hazardous pollutants in the workplace;
  • Expectant parents who wish to determine whether there are any air quality issues in the baby’s room that might affect their delicate lungs;
  • Potential home buyers who want to check if the house they are interested in has air-related issues that might affect their well-being;
  • Apartment and condo dwellers who want to determine if their indoor air is contaminated as a result of poorly maintained HVAC systems in the building or pollutants filtering in from neighbouring units; and
  • People who are simply looking for peace of mind while at home or at work.

Test Your Nest study

About the Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab)

Established in 1994, EDLab is a leading environmental microbiology laboratory that provides comprehensive analytical lab services relating to environmental microbiology, indoor air quality, aerobiology and allergen testing.

Over the years, EDLab has analyzed hundreds of thousands of air quality samples for a broad range of clients, including IAQ specialists and IEQ investigators who have come to rely on EDLab’s wide range of environmental analyses. EDLab’s client roster includes building inspectors, environmental consultants, hospitals/clinics, healthcare providers, insurance companies, manufacturing plants, law firms and school boards, as well as Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. However, EDLab’s services go far beyond analyzing samples, with its in-house experts providing direct support to IAQ Screen Check home air quality test kit customers and other end-users.

Staffed by a team of microbiologists, aerobiologists, allergists, industrial hygienists, public health specialists, building diagnosticians and engineers, EDLab is routinely called upon to provide expert forensic testimony in legal cases, with over 80 major indoor air quality cases handled to date. EDLab has also made significant industry contributions, such as conducting a 10-year study to establish air quality guidelines for microbial assessments of residential and commercial buildings.

EDLab maintains numerous accreditations and certifications, including:

  • CDC ELITE certified
  • AIHA Environmental Microbiology Proficiency Analytical Testing
  • AIHA Direct Exam Environmental Microbiology Proficiency Analytical Testing
  • ISO 17025 compliant laboratory

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Note: IAQ Screen Check Test Kits (developed and supplied by Building Health Check/Pure Air Control Services), and the corresponding lab reports provided by the Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab), are intended to serve as preliminary screening level tests only. The analytical results and comparisons are not intended to provide comprehensive, definitive or conclusive findings of the existence, absence, level or types of particles, chemicals, contaminants, toxins and/or other compounds for which the IAQ Screen Test Kits are intended, or to be solely relied upon to take or abstain from conducting any remedial or other action. EDLab reports do not constitute and shall not be considered to be a warranty, either expressed or implied, as to the safety of the subject test area. Modern Alchemy Air Purifiers Inc. strongly recommends that further testing and investigation be conducted if you have any concerns.

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