Air Purifier Technologies

Many of the same technologies that have been used for years in the medical and high-tech industries have made it possible to develop affordable high-quality air purifiers for home and office use. The units that we carry generally use a combination of HEPA or better-than-HEPA filtration media and Activated Carbon to remove pollutants from the air. Some units are also equipped with Ultraviolet (UV) germicidal lamps to provide added protection from airborne micro-organisms.

Learn more about each of these technologies, as well as air purifier technologies that should be avoided (e.g., Negative Ion and Ozone). Don't miss the Quick Reference Chart at the bottom of the page that shows which air purifier technologies are best for the specific types of contaminants that you want to control.

Quick Reference Chart

  Airborne Particles and Allergens Household Odours and Gases Chemically Reactive Gases and VOCs Bacteria and Viruses
HEPA Yes No No Some
Activated Carbon No Yes Some No
Impregnated Carbon No Yes Yes No
UV Lamp No No No Yes
Electrostatic Yes Some No No
Negative Ion Yes No No No
Source: Air Purifier Buying Guide

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